Things that make me go “ooooh”

Once upon a time, I used to go gooey over such things as designer handbags and delicious cocktails served in fancy bars.  Those days are largely behind me now (although they do surface every now again I will admit) and it takes a whole host of other, possibly less glamorous things, to make me go a bit weak at the knees.  Sad but true.

But one thing I have always been a sucker for is good stationery.  Despite fully embracing the digital, I can’t deny I have a love for a nice notebook, with beautiful paper that has a certain weight and feel and smoothness to it, which is simply a joy to write in.  I am a list person and a list never feels quite right written electronically on one of my i-gadgets, so I prefer it to be in a notebook.  I will confess that I will often write things on one of my many lists that I have already done, just so I have the opportunity to then tick it off.  Yes, I know, weird…


Anyway, my latest notebook find is this little beauty from UK clothing brand Joules.  An A5 journal, decorated in one of their signature floral designs, it is lined front and back with the prettiest red and cream striped paper and each right-hand side page, all pages are lined by the way (I’m not great with blank pages, my writing isn’t straight enough and I like things to look neat!), features the Joules hare in the bottom right corner. Smart.  The paper is lovely to write on and I particularly like the additional feature of the mustard-coloured elastic that keeps the notebook neatly shut when you’re not using it: this also means I can tuck papers/cards inside it and keep them relatively safe.  I love it and it looks right at home on my wooden/country-style dining room table alongside my more 21st century laptop: I like to blend the old and the new!

Talking of blending old and new, traditional and modern, Joules have also got some rather gorgeous gadget cases in their collection right now and I was sent this little stunner to try on for size: it’s the blue, quilted iPad case, in a country-inspired print.  Lovely!  I love the fact that it is quilted, it gives it a nice padded feel that reassures me that my precious iPad is nicely tucked up safe and sound – particularly important when I have an iPad loving toddler on the loose at home – and means I can throw it into my bag without worrying about it getting knocked and bashed about in amongst the various items jostling for position in there.  I also like the chunky pink zip it has, which is easy to move forward and back and doesn’t catch like some annoying zips I could mention (step forward all the zips on toddler coats, which won’t do up when you’re in a hurry to leave the house and your toddler is wriggling like a worm).  I previously had a case that you could open out and then prop your iPad up in/on it, which I quite liked and I did miss this feature a bit when I started using the Joules case, but overall I think I can live without that element in favour of something that feels more padded and protective.


Now, something that has always made me go “oooooh” – and you can judge all you like here, I care not – is a fine pair of slippers to sink into after a long day.  The only difference now is that I tend to be in them most of the day, rather than just at the beginning and end of it, but hey ho, such is life on maternity leave and I’m cool with that right now.  So, yes, slippers, I love ’em, but I am particular about them, so will be choosy when choosing…

These are some rather fabulous slippersocks from Joules that I have been sporting over the last few months and I can tell you, they are super-soft and really really cosy, so have been a godsend during these blizzard and frost ridden months of late.  When I first got them, I was a bit concerned they might be slippy, but I couldn’t have been more wrong, they have a faux suede base, which really grips the floor well and so I haven’t done any kitchen-floor skidding or coming-down-the-stairs-sliding, thankfully. They were actually also the slippers I took into hospital with me when I went in for my c-section to have baby Claudia at the end of January and they kept me nice and toasty and cosy as I padded around the hospital corridors/my room.  They’re perhaps not the most stylish of footwear, but I rather like their slouchyness and I like the fact that they keep my ankles warm as well as my feet.  A big thumbs up!


So, there you go, three things that are currently making me go “ooooh” that are neither designer handbags nor delicious cocktails in fancy restaurants, but that make me happy nonetheless!

I was sent these three items from Joules for the purposes of this review, but all opinions of the products are honest and my own.

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10 thoughts on “Things that make me go “ooooh”

  1. I shopped at Joules at couple of time about 8 years ago but haven’t been in since. Looks like they’ve expanded their range and in a really cute way. Will have to take another look.

  2. Ally, really want those slippersocks. We live in a draughty Victorian house and the floors are always freezing. I’m always looking for warm, comfy slippers! Sadly I can only see them in Junior sizes on the website… Guessing it’s out of season now 😦

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