Claudia at 10 weeks

10wksYou’re finally into double figures baby Claudia, 10 weeks old today and I can see you’ve already changed so much from that tiny little scrunched up newborn.  You still have some newborn characteristics remaining, like sleeping with your legs frog-like, which is very cute, and on the subject of sleep, you (thankfully!) are still very fond of it during the daytime, so generally aren’t awake for all that long in the day, but can now manage to stay awake for about an hour at a time before needing to crash again.

Despite being fond of snoozing in the day, when you are awake you are getting more and more alert and interactive, which is amazing.  You love it when people talk to you and smile big smiles at you, and you reward them by breaking into a big smile yourself,which lights up your whole face!  You also smile if I blow raspberries at you and today I sang you a few nursery rhymes, which seemed to go down well and I got a few smiles out of you in return for Baa Baa Black Sheep!

It’s hard to know how much entertaining and interaction you need or want at this stage, but when you’re awake I’ve been trying to chat to you more and sing songs, and lately I’ve also been propping up books with big pictures on them in front of your face for you to gaze at, which you seem to have enjoyed.  You certainly coo a lot at the pictures anyway, which is the most adorable sound, I must record it!

This past week you seem to have been concentrating on your fists a lot and staring at them quite intently.  You’ve also been trying to get your fists into your mouth a fair bit and in the last day or so, it looks like you’ve been trying to work out how to get your thumb into your mouth – I think you might become a thumb sucker if you can only find a way!

You’re really shooting up length wise, you’ve now almost outgrown your moses basket you’re so long!  We will keep you in there a little longer, but all too soon I think you will have to be transferred to another cot as you’re going to be feeling a bit cramped in the basket: you’re growing up too fast already!

Nights have been particularly good these last few days.  In fact, last night you had your last feed around 7pm and shortly afterwards then went to sleep, and you slept soundly all the way through until around 5am! You started to stir then but I managed to soothe you back to sleep withe the dummy and some head-stroking, then you didn’t wake properly again until around 7am!  Amazing!  Well done baby C!  I don’t know if that was a one off, but here’s hoping for more nights like that please!

We’re co-sleeping a lot less now than we were in the beginning, which I think is a good thing as I don’t want you to be dependent on me to be able to sleep.  But, having said that, I do absolutely love having you snuggle up next to me (although I feel very stiff and creaky the next morning from sleeping in a weird position) and seeing your fast asleep face, with its pouty lips, pointing up towards me is the most beautiful sight to wake up to.  So I’m sure I’ll be taking you into bed with me a little more for now, especially as I know these baby times are so fleeting.

Your sister Allegra continues to be your biggest fan 🙂 she wants to hold you and kiss you and tickle you all the time.  She is also constantly wanting to put a blanket on you and to soothe you with a rendition of Twinkle Twinkle or Hush-a-Bye-Baby when you’re having a nap.  When you cry, she says “it’s okay baby, it’s okay baby” or “don’t cry Claudia, it’s okay” and she pats your tummy and calls out to me “Mummy, baby’s crying!” – it’s very sweet.  You are very lucky to have such a loving big sister who will look out for you in years to come, I’m sure.


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4 thoughts on “Claudia at 10 weeks

  1. Happy 10 weeks to your little one! I love the frog leg position – so cute! We stopped full time co-sleeping when our son (now 19 months) was about 2 months old. He would still join us in bed for nursings, but didn’t start out there. 😉
    How old is Allegra? She sounds like a lovely big sister!

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