Claudia at 11 weeks

11weeks11 weeks today little baby Claudia and you’re getting to be not quite so little any more!  You’re fast starting to grow out of your 0-3 month babygros and you’re filling out well, the chubby cheeks and thighs are coming along nicely!  In fact, you’ve outgrown your moses basket and are sleeping in the beside-the-bed crib now as you’ve become too long to comfortably sleep in the basket.  I think Daddy is ready to move you into your own room (naughty Daddy!), but I’m not, so you’ll be by my side for a fair bit longer yet I think 🙂  I love having you snuffling away next to me and more than once I’ve taken you into bed with me this week for no reason other than that I love to have you snuggled up close and snooze with me, even if I don’t get the best night’s sleep with you next to me.

This past week has been a fun one, not least because the weather is much improved and we’ve been able to get out and about that much more, which has been great.

At the weekend, when the sun was really shining and it felt like a proper Spring day, we took you and your big sister to Kew Gardens, where you enjoyed your very first picnic!  I think it was probably the first time you’d really properly seen trees and grass and blue skies, as up until now when we’ve been out and about you’re bundled up in your pram and usually snoozing, so don’t get to take in much of your surroundings.  You lay on your little blanket next to us, while we scoffed sandwiches and crisps and other goodies (Allegra was in her element!), and you looked up the sky absolutely fascinated with all you could see and you were cooing and chattering contentedly, it was a really happy afternoon we spent all together.

On Tuesday we had a VERY exciting morning as I took you to the Baby Spa in Kensington (I know, very indulgent!) – that’s you in the spa in the photo above – and you absolutely LOVED it!  It was such a magical experience, I’m planning on writing a separate post all about it to capture all the details, but I will say here that it honestly felt like one of the best moments we’ve spent together since you were born.  Just you and me, away from all other distractions, enjoying some time out and you were in your element, beaming from ear to ear and cooing happily. It was fab and I’m looking forward to our next visit there – I think the two of us will make for good spa buddies!

On Wednesday we took a drive out to Hampshire to visit Granny and Grandad and you were as good as gold in the car, snoozing all the way there – which was just as well as mummy missed the turning off the motorway (due to being distracted by singing along to Stevie Wonder, ahem…) Image 8and we were in the car for a lot longer than we should have been!  You had a very happy day enjoying cuddles with everyone and then slept all the way back in the car again, angel baby!

I can’t believe you’re almost 3-months old now, the time is whizzing by way too fast, but I am loving getting to know you day-by-day and am constantly excited by each week’s new developments.  Love you boo.

6 thoughts on “Claudia at 11 weeks

  1. awwwww she is totally gorgeous! look at her swimming on your spa day – that must have been so magical. i look forward to seeing that post.
    still cant believe she is 11 weeks old already x

    • oooh, love the sound of all the matching swimsuits! I may have to investigate…The spa is lovely, it’s not cheap (£55 for a session), but honestly it was amazing and really special. Yes, I will hop over to your new blog and re-subscribe xx

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