Claudia hits the spa

Earlier this week, baby Claudia and I took a trip to the Baby Spa in Kensington, West London.  Yes it was indulgent, I’ve no doubt that some people reading this will be thinking “a baby spa?!?!? whatever next?!?”, but honestly, it was one of the most special moments I have spent with Claudia to date.  Really magical.  I thought it would just be a frivilous one-off thing we’d enjoy and that’d be that, but we both enjoyed it so much and seeing how happy she was during the session, there’s no doubt in my mind now that we’ll be frequent visitors!

Image 6

Let me tell you all about it…

The Baby Spa was founded and is run by Laura Sevenus, and it is a “world’s first” billed as “a safe, relaxed environment where your baby can develop and be well prepared for a lifetime of adventures in the water”.  The spa offers hydrotherapy sessions for babies as young as 2 days old, up to around 6-months old, where they can enjoy a natural sensory experience that supports brain and physical development in a structured way.  The sessions in the water help strengthen baby’s muscles, bone structure, and ultimately movements as well as giving them an opportunity to build their confidence in water from a very early age.

The lady that owns the spa, Laura, is passionate about swimming and babies and has over 40 years experience in providing safe and beneficial water-based activities and settings for babies. You can read more about her here.  It was actually Laura who took baby Claudia through her first visit to the spa earlier this week and she is absolutely lovely, gentle and kind, a natural with young babies, highly experienced and a mother herself, you have every confidence in her handling your precious little one.

We arrived at the spa in time for our 11am appointment and were taken through to the treatment room, which was balmy in temperature and very calming with soft lighting and fluffy towels in abundance.  I stripped Claudia down to her nappy, which we then swapped for a swim nappy, and then she was fitted around her neck with the special patented flotation device – the BUBBY® – which she wasn’t too happy about initially, but then quickly got used to it as Laura then placed her gently in the warm water of the hydrotherapy tub (which looked like a big hot tub).  I was most jealous, I would have loved to have got in there myself for a float about!

Image 5

Claudia then enjoyed about 10 minutes of floating about in the warm water.  She didn’t cry once, she just enjoyed the sensation and was kicking and flapping her arms happily, and beaming from ear to ear!  She seemed so very happy and fascinated by what she was experiencing, it almost brought tears to my eyes to see her filled with such joy.  It felt very special to be witnessing her really enjoying herself so much and at such a very young age, she was clearly so stimulated by what was happening.

Image 3

After about 10 minutes, she then enjoyed some nappy free floating, which went down well, before Laura then removed the neck float and supporting her head and bottom, then gently moved her about in the water.  Claudia was smiling throughout and really gazing up at her during the whole thing.  She was then taken out and wrapped in big warm, fluffy towels, and dried off before then enjoying a lovely massage with some special grapeseed oil from South Africa.

Image 7

After the massage, I let Claudia enjoy some naked time on the big fluffy towels and she was kicking contentedly, cooing and chattering with me, smiling her big gorgeous happy smile and putting her little fist up to my mouth and I would kiss her fingers and chatter back.  It was honestly really magical and I was nearly in tears throughout!  I think because with the madness of juggling baby alongside my gorgeous toddler, it’s hard to really spend quality time with Claudia and this was just what we needed, some special one-to-one time away from all distractions, and in this wonderful calm environment.  It was perfect.

Claudia then enjoyed a big bottle of milk in the relaxation room, did the hugest poo I’ve ever seen, then once clean and dry again, passed out into a deep sleep and slept happily and peacefully for about 2 hours.

Image 4

We’re going back next week.  I literally can’t wait!

I went to the Baby Spa after being recommended to visit by a friend, who’d had a fabulous time there with her young daughter when she was a baby.  I was not given a complimentary treatment or discount for writing this review, we paid in full, but we loved it so much I just wanted to capture the details here and share it with everyone.  If you live in London and you have a baby under 6-months or know someone that does, you simply HAVE TO GO!  For more info on the Baby Spa and the benefits to baby, take a look here.

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    • You can’t buy them I’m afraid, they only use them in the Spa and don’t sell them because they want to ensure they are used properly and safely. Highly recommend the spa though if you can go

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