What is it with my girl and getting naked?!  Seriously, it’s starting to worry me.  She just loves to get her kit off!  Now, I’m not saying this is a major issue right now, after all she is only 2 years old and people make certain allowances for the young, but that aside, it is not without its challenges!

This morning, while rushing about the house trying to get myself up/showered/dressed and baby Claudia fed, changed, washed, dressed and Allegra fed, nappy changed (twice!), washed and dressed in order to make it in time for a 9.40am ballet class (always a stressful start to a Wednesday), what I didn’t need – when short of time as it was – was to have to dress Allegra twice over, because turn my back for a split-second and the tutu was off.  I guess I should have been grateful that she at least had her tights and top on, but maybe that’s just because I got to her before she’d had sufficient time to completely strip. Sigh.

Nighttimes are the worst.  I’ve written before about the stripping off, nappy removing, wee-ing and sometimes poo-ing in the cot episodes, which haven’t entirely gone away but we’ve had a good run of catching her before the worst happens lately.  But that aside, we still face a nightly strip-off come bedtime.  Usually it happens like this… she goes to bed, she is fully clothed, “night night mummy” and sometimes we have “buonanotte, ciao” (I’m trying to teach her a bit of Italian!) and then we know we have to pop in to check on her within about 15 mins of her going down to check for the nakedness.  Oh, and there it is. There she’ll be, usually fully stripped and butt naked, nappy cast aside, PJs buried under the duvet, reclining like a Botticelli on her fluffy cow pillow (thanks cousin Claire, she LOVES that cow pillow, sleeps on it every night!).  And with a beaming smile she’ll say, “new nappy please mummy”.


I think part of the problem with the nighttime stripping is related to the fact that I think she doesn’t like the feel of her nappy at night after she’s done a wee in it as she is asking for a fresh nappy (and we’re persevering albeit it casually with potty training, she’s sort of lost interest in it a bit at the moment).  But why oh why must she be completely stripped naked even if she wants to take her nappy off?!?! WHY?!?!?

And once it’s happened once, it is likely to happen again.  Even if she doesn’t need a fresh nappy.  Or sometimes the nappy and pyjama bottoms stay on (by some miracle!) but the top will be off.  Either way, there’s usually an element of nakedness on display.

Double sigh.

Yes I could prevent it by strapping her in to an inside out with no poppers on the shoulders sleeping bag, but she gets so hysterical and mental when I produce the bag because she does NOT want to sleep in it, that I can rarely face that battle come bedtime, so I figure I’ll be optimistic and give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe tonight, just MAYBE tonight, will be the night that she keeps her clothes on.

I love you princess boo, but for the love of god… KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON!!

As I said, we are persevering with the potty, but even that seems to require – in her mind – a strip off.  She hasn’t quite accepted (or else refuses to acknowledge) that you don’t need to take all your clothes off when you go to the toilet, you can just pull down your pants and knickers.  Oh no, not according to Allegra, according to her school of thought it’s best to be starkers when sitting on the throne.  She may have a change of heart when she’s faced with peeing in a public lavatory.  Not a place I would want to be naked… but then I hear there are those who are quite happy to de-robe in public lavatories… each to their own I guess….

Hopefully it’s just a phase.

It is just a phase, right?

Tell me it’s just a phase…!


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