Claudia at 12 weeks

12weeksOoops, I’m a couple of days late in posting your 12 week update Claudia, but then again, frankly I’m amazed I’ve managed 11 weeks of regular on a Thursday posts since you’ve been born, so I decided I wouldn’t be too hard on myself for being a bit tardy with this one.  So, 12 weeks now and what has this past week held for us…

You’re certainly becoming more and more alert and interactive.  On Monday when we went to Tiny Tunes, which I bring Allegra to almost every Monday morning, you stayed awake for the whole class, sitting on my lap and enjoying the singing and dancing and bubbles.  Normally you sleep through the whole thing, but this time you even joined in, as I held a mini maraca in your hand and helped you shake along to the music!

Two sisters in stripy PJs

Two sisters in stripey PJs

After much diligent practice, you finally have worked out how to get your fist into your mouth and more helpfully, your thumb.  You can still be a bit hit and miss, which is funny to watch, but increasingly you are getting your thumb in quicker and quicker, although you aren’t really sucking on it properly yet, so still prefer to have your dum-dum to suck yourself to sleep on.  You’re certainly not as fond of the dummy as Allegra was though and I think often you could take it or leave it, as about 50% of the time you seem quite happy to drift off to sleep without it, it really depends on how tired you are I think.

You are still sleeping a fair bit during the day, but are now able to stay awake for longer periods – sometimes up to about an hour and a half, before you’ll then crash and NEED to go to bed pronto.  If we’re out and about in the buggy then you might sleep for longer but it amazes me that you don’t always sleep in the buggy as I seem to remember Allegra at this age would always sleep if she was in the buggy.  You are often quite content to be looking around and playing with your little buggy mobile thingy, which I have now stretched across the front of the hood.  You impressed me no end this week when you managed to grab at one of the little wooden balls on that mobile and you were shaking it like crazy, it was so funny 🙂


Nappy changes are much improved now and you rarely cry during a change, unless you are due a feed and then you’ll be wailing.  When I change you upstairs on the changing station in your little nursery, you spend the whole time gazing at the Peppa Pig stickers that Allegra has stuck all over the unit and you giggle and gurgle and coo at them, it’s so sweet.  I’m amazed that you can really see them as they are quite small stickers, but maybe it’s just the colours and shapes you are aware of and they seem to entertain!

We had quite a busy weekend last weekend what with taking a trip to Hounslow Urban Farm on Friday (you pretty much slept through the whole visit!) and then spending the day with Daddy and Allegra at Chessington World of Adventures on Saturday – great fun and a lovely day out, which again you slept for quite a lot of but did get out and enjoy some kicking on the grass in the shade.  By the time that Monday rolled around, you and I were both pretty tired.  Luckily, Nonna and Nonno visited on Monday and so we took the opportunity to sneak off to bed for a couple of hours of afternoon napping, you and me, cuddled up in mummy’s bed, while Nonna entertained Allegra with a million-and-one story books and puzzles and playing hairdresser games (Allegra’s latest favourite thing!) and Nonno cooked up lots of lovely food for Daddy and I for dinner.

I do so love sleeping with you curled up against me and waking up to your snoozing, sleepy face is one of the most wonderful and adorable things, I wish I could bottle that look and that feeling so I never forget it in years to come.

On Tuesday, while Allegra was at pre school, I took the opportunity to have a big sort through your clothes and I can’t believe how many things I had to pack away already.  You are pretty much all grown-out of most of the 0-3 month clothes, although there are still a few that fit okay, and I started to get some of the 3-6 month clothes out.

On Wednesday we took Allegra to her ballet class in the morning and again, you stayed awake and watching the whole class for the very first time from the comfort of your car seat.  You enjoyed seeing all the little ballerinas tiptoe-ing around and waving chiffon scarves and fairy wands, you even gave us a few smiles and giggles as you watched.  I’m sure before I know it, I’ll be taking you to ballet class to join in and not just watch, the time is flying by so fast!

Later that day, Granny and Grandad came to visit and we all went to Kew Gardens for the afternoon.  You did a lot of sleeping through the outing, but did enjoy a bottle of milk in the shade overlooking a lovely lake as ducks and geese and even a swan swam to and fro past us.

On Thursday we paid another visit to the Baby Spa, which was a real highlight of the week and a special treat for you.  This was our second visit and we brought Daddy with us this time and he really enjoyed it.  You didn’t cry at all when the lady fitted you with the neck float and as soon as you were in the water you seemed to know what to do and started kicking your legs and flapping your arms.  You were really energetic in the water this week and were gazing intently at the little bath toys dotted around the tub, you seemed particularly interested in the rubber Nemo that was on the side and eyed him up for a fair while.  You also really enjoyed your massage and were coo-ing and gurgling happily throughout.  spaweek2After all that excitement though you were really really tired and a bit teary (you were over-tired I think), so after I settled you and put you back into your pram, you slept soundly and without making a peep for about 3-hours or so straight!  That was rather handy because it gave me and your Daddy the chance to enjoy a nice lunch together and a stroll around the gardens at Kensington Palace, it was a lovely sunny day and wonderful to spend some time relaxing together and having some time to ourselves, so thank you!


I have been shortlisted in the FAMILY category for a BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Award 2013 (aka the BiBs)… me!! moi!!! yours truly!!!  I know… I’m as surprised as you, trust me.  But honestly, I’m chuffed and really honoured to be shortlisted.  If you’d like to vote for me, in the FAMILY category, no pressure or nowt, but if you fancy it and have 30 seconds to spare, then click on that there rather subtle link above…. Thanks! x

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    • It is so cute when they find their thumb, so adorable! Thank you, am thinking I must make more of an effort to take pics of the two of them together, we don’t have nearly enough yet xx

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