Claudia at 13 weeks

13weeksOoh that caught your attention eh ladies? – yes, here is Claudia in her 13th week, snuggled up close to Richmond Daddy… ahem, okay, I tell a lie, it’s not Richmond Daddy… she is in fact cuddled up to ex-England rugby star and founder of the StandUp FoundationBen Cohen, being photographed for the Persil Non-Bio & Comfort Pure Cuddle Mastery campaign.  Cute!  It was a tough afternoon for baby C, basically being photographed with a half-naked Ben demonstrating a number of cuddling positions, but she amazed me at how chilled out she was in-front of the camera.  Arguably a bit too chilled out at one point, when she was so relaxed she actually wee-d all over him, oops! In fact, I think that was moments after I took this picture.  Thankfully Mr Cohen was very gracious about the whole thing!

And here’s even more cuteness to swoon over as Claudia and fellow “model” baby Dexter cuddle up to Ben on a rather comfy looking bed #itsallaboutcuddling


These are just some quick snaps I took “behind-the-scenes” this afternoon, I’ll be sure to share some of the professional photos when I get hold of some as I think they’ll be gorgeous.  Just wondering if I might be able to do some Photoshop wizardry and superimpose Richmond Daddy’s head onto Ben’s body… worth a try!

Fast asleep post shoot, with her favourite bunny comforter..zzzzz....

Fast asleep post shoot, with her favourite bunny comforter..zzzzz….

So yes, a rather fun and unusual end to what has been a bit of a rubbish week for poor baby Claudia.  If you didn’t spot it a couple of days ago, I wrote about the awful awful incident of her catapulting herself off the 3ft high changing table on Tuesday, it was terrifying and I felt like the worst mother in the world 😦  We had her checked over by a private paediatrician in Richmond who said he thought she seemed fine but that we should continue to monitor her for the next 48 hours.

Well, I’ve barely taken my eyes off her and barely had her out of my arms since then (apart from when I had to hand her over to rugby legend Ben Cohen, but he seemed to have quite steady hands so I wasn’t too worried about her being dropped!).  I’m glad to report thought that 48 hours on and she still seems to be fine, so I think she may well have escaped un-harmed thank god.  I am definitely being more cautious now as a result of the tumble, I guess that’s a good thing to come out of ‘the episode”.

So if it wasn’t enough that poor Claudia fell flat on her face on the carpet on Tuesday, then this morning I had to take her to the GP’s surgery for her next set of immunisations 😦  There she was gurgling and smiling at the nurse, when BAM stabbed in the leg *cue SCREAMING*, I turn her around and again BAM stabbed in the other leg *cue more SCREAMING*, poor little boo.  I hate hate hate having to take them for their jabs, but I guess it’s a necessary evil.  At least she has 4-weeks now to forget all about them before the next set, which is 3 jabs, oh god that’s not going to be fun at all… 😦

Anyway, aside from the dramas of falling off changing tables and getting her jabs, and the glamour of photo-shoots with famous sports personalities, (crikey, what an eventful week!), Claudia has continued to be her gorgeous self and is doing well.  I’m so so lucky that come bedtime, she is the easiest baby to put down to sleep (I have probably jinxed things by saying that now!).  I wash her, change her nappy, put her in her vest and babygro PJs, then we have some kisses and cuddles, I pop her into her crib, stroke her head, and within a few minutes, there she is snoozing peacefully and snuggled up to her favourite soft bunny comforter.  She’s incredible!  And she’ll sleep soundly pretty much until around 2am ish, after which she does start to get a bit restless and fidgety and while she’s not waking for a feed, she’s not settled, so it does tend to mean the continuation of interrupted night’s sleeps for me, unless I just give in and take her into bed cuddled with me, then we all get to sleep pretty well (albeit it waking up a bit stiff and achey!) until around 6.30/7am.

But hey, I know these newborn baby days are fleeting, so a little bit of co-sleeping here and there actually feels like quite a treat and certainly isn’t something I’m ready to give up just yet.  There are very few things that can beat the feeling of waking up to baby Claudia’s snooze-y face and sleeping pouty lips.  She is my little beautiful.

my little beautiful

my little beautiful

5 thoughts on “Claudia at 13 weeks

  1. You haven’t said why she is snuggling up to famous sporting stars?! And I love the comment at the start about richmond daddy haha! She sounds like she is doing really well with her sleeping etc. I have got into a good routine with LL too but I do worry by typing it down I am going to jinx it too! 😉 And don’t feel guilty about the changing table incident- I did the same with Mads when she was 6 weeks old, she fell off the sofa on to her head. I was so scared I rushed her to A and E, but she was fine! She also face planted the solid oak dvd cabinet and got a bruise the size of America, she was a bit older then but it was still another trip to A and E! 😉

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