A family day out at Hampton Court Palace

Since the weather has got a WHOLE LOT BETTER, we have started to plan and enjoy some fun family days out (I’ve just been having too much fun – oh and juggling a baby and a toddler – to get around to writing about them, so I have a bit of a bloggy backlog, but will eventually catch up!) and last Friday, as Richmond Daddy took the day off work and the sun was shining, we took ourselves off to Hampton Court Palace.

I know I went to Hampton Court Palace as a child, but haven’t been back there for years, although do vaguely remember wandering around the maze with Richmond Daddy in our pre parenting days, but unbelievably, despite living in Richmond now for around six years, we’ve not really been back to explore it properly.

So, last Friday, the four of us took advantage of the amazing weather, and we spent the day there and it was BRILLIANT! The grounds and the gardens are absolutely out of this world stunning and we had such a lovely time pootle-ing about in them that we never actually made it into the palace itself! Allegra absolutely loved it and had a fantastic time exploring and running free (mind you, we did have some tense moments when she started picking the petals off the tulips in the formal gardens…. eek! thankfully there was no “off with their heads” commands as a result… I think we got away with it!) and Claudia was an angel all day, snoozing happily in the buggy, waking up to feed and kick about for a bit on a picnic rug, then back to more snoozing. What a doll!

Here are some of my favourite pics from the day:


My gorgeous girl enjoyed wandering through the daffodils in The Wilderness – she had such fun running through the grass and tumbling about in the daffs, giggling her head off and posing for photos! (note. ummm this was before we spotted the signs about keeping off due to flowering bulbs… ahem, oops!)…


And we got lost in the famous maze…


We spent a long time losing ourselves amongst the tulips and trees…


yew trees

These unusual shaped trees are apparently 300-year old yew trees and they are situated in The Great Fountain Garden. I found them absolutely stunning and it made me feel like I was in a garden in Alice in Wonderland standing there surrounding by bursts of colourful flowers in immaculately maintained beds, with these huge and strikingly shaped trees dominating the landscape. Amazing.

We ate ice cream as we enjoyed a tour of some of the gardens in a train pulled by two horses (Allegra ate my ice cream and then her own…)…



We lay on the grass in the sunshine (and shade for some!) and giggled…



We saw some strange pointy tree/bush things…

pointy trees

And even took to “the stage” to fit in some ballet practice (much to the amusement of everyone who witnessed it!)… what a show-off! (that’s my girl!)…


What a happy day 🙂

6 thoughts on “A family day out at Hampton Court Palace

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    • Indeed they are. Crikey, I can’t believe you met her at 8 months and haven’t seen her since! Mind you, I’ve never met the mysterious Z at all, which is even stranger given that I feel like I do kind of know him! xx

  2. Looks like a great day out, doesn’t the sun make days out better. Lovely photos of you family x

  3. it looks like a very happy day out for you all. the photographs are just gorgeous and Allegra looks so smiley in every single one! Mind you sunny and warm weather always helps to make a day out even better!
    i havent visited Hampton Court for years – when I was a teenager i think. i used to enjoy going around the maze.and that picture of Claudia on the mat smiling is soooo cute – she is getting so big now xx

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