Claudia at 14 weeks


I can’t believe another week has flown by so fast and here I am, writing your 14th week update.  The time is going so quickly, I can barely believe it, I realised today that I’ve been on maternity leave almost 5 months already – argh!  Things need to slow down!

Anyway, enough about me and my panic at the rapidly passing weeks, and back to you baby C and what you’ve been up to this last week…

We had a lovely family day out last Friday, Richmond Daddy had the day off work, the sun was shining, and we took ourselves off to Hampton Court Palace and had a great time exploring.  You were such a good baby, snoozing in the buggy, enjoying a kick-about on athamptoncourtthe picnic rug, having your nappy changed without fuss and drama on a park bench outside the palace, haha, and generally enjoying hanging out with mummy, daddy, and your proud big sister.

After a busy weekend, we had some chill-out time courtesy of a rather unusual “theatrical performance” at The Polka Theatre in Wimbledon.  Lullaby is described as “a playful, peaceful and inspiring theatre performance for you and your baby” and I thought I’d take you along to see what it was like and to enjoy some relaxing time together with you, my little lady.  Well, it was quite an experience!  We found ourselves sitting inside a white tent like “space”, on comfy cushions, with a few other mums and babies, as classical music played – the music was written specifically for little ones – and a very smiley and enthusiastic lady sang and “performed” for us.  It was a bit odd at times I’ll admit, but it was very sweet and you and the other babies did genuinely seem to enjoy it, even if it was a little peculiar!  There were gentle songs/lullabies and lights, shadows, and even a little basic puppetry, all designed to appeal to baby’s senses and to create a dreamy, chill-out opportunity for you to enjoy.  Yes there were times I had to try not to laugh and yes it was a little hippy-dippy for me at times, but you seemed to enjoy it and it was lovely to spend time just the two of us together in a sort of “other-world” experience!

IMG_3103In fact its been quite a week of treats for you little Claudia, a theatre trip on Tuesday, a visit to Nonna’s house yesterday, and today, another visit to the Baby Spa in Kensington, which you continue to enjoy.  Today was your third session at the Baby Spa and you did so well, you didn’t cry once and you were kicking and splashing about in the water – my feet got quite wet this time!  And you loved your post-swim massage too 🙂  Afterwards you enjoyed a big long sleep and woke up very smiley and content.

This past week you’ve really begun to reach and grab and hold on to things firmly.  You seem to love to feel different textures with your hands and are particularly fond of clutching on to your bunny comforters, which have a fleecy feel, and any nice soft fluffy blankets.  You hold on tightly to them and shake them about or rub them against your mouth and cheeks, it is adorable.  You’re also really gripping hold of my fingers or hand when I give you your bottle too, or if I’m putting in your dummy while you’re drifting on to sleep, you take the opportunity to grab hold of my hand and hold on tight.  I love it 🙂

You’re able to stay awake for longer periods now, sometimes up to two hours before you crash and have to sleep, and you love it when we really interact with you by singing or blowing raspberries or coo-ing, and you’ll reward us with big smiles that light up your whole face and make your eyes shine and sparkle, it’s brilliant.  Your beautiful eyes, with their lovely long lashes, are still quite blue and I’ve been wondering lately whether they’ll stay that way like your Daddy’s eyes, or if they eventually turn to brown like mine and your big sister’s.  Only time will tell…

I’ve just been up to check on you while you sleep and there you are sound asleep, snoozing so deeply that I actually have to prod you to make sure you’re okay, and you’re in your usual nighttime sleeping position – flat on your back, legs in frog position, arms out to your sides, with your head to one slide and your chin up, lips pouting, and looking gorgeous.  Ooooh you are scrumptious little boo!

7 thoughts on “Claudia at 14 weeks

  1. The time is going so quickly isn’t it? I wish it would slow down a bit. Claudia is beautiful, and we still so need these babies to meet. Are you going to cybher or Britmums this year? And a baby spa? Oh my god that sounds amazing! I feel bad as I haven’t taken ll out to any yoga or massage this time as I always have Mads! X

    • It is going SO quickly yes, I’m with you – wish it would slow down, but then again at the same time I’m so excited to see the little person that Claudia turns into that I quite like feeling like before long she might be sitting up and interacting more etc. Bitter sweet. Would be so lovely for the babies to meet yes, we must organise something. I’m going to BritMums again this year, how ’bout you? I definitely don’t do as much with C as I did with A, but I guess that’s just a second baby thing and lack of time! But yes, the baby spa is brilliant and a lovely indulgence 🙂 Hope all good with you xx

  2. Sounds like you have had a lovely week! I love Hampton Court Palace! Your lullaby experience sounds interesting 🙂 and I really like the sound of the baby spa x

    • I am totally mad about Hampton Court Palace since our visit the other week, I predict we’ll be going back lots! Yes, the lullaby experience was a bit peculiar but interesting 🙂 and ooooh the baby spa is AMAZING! xx

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