Claudia at 15 weeks


Oops, I’m a day late, but anyway, now you are 15 weeks old baby Claudia – so, very nearly 4-months in the world.  Crazy!  It’s hard to believe that less than 4-months ago we didn’t know you, hadn’t clapped eyes on you, didn’t know you would have gorgeous bluey/grey eyes and pretty rosebud lips, or that you’d love to sleep with a snuggle-bunny comforter and have a vice like grip when it comes to hanging on to said comforter or mummy’s fingers.  It’s like you’ve always been part of this family, even though you are the latest addition.

It’s been a fairly low-key week for you Claudia.  A busy weekend of trips to local May fairs (more on those to follow, if I ever get around to it! feel a bit like blogging is slipping at the moment, I need to put a freeze on time and catch up!), during which you mostly snoozed in your buggy, still I guess you’re a bit too young to join Daddy and Allegra on the helter-skelter or carousel.  Your time will come!

Then the rest of the week we’ve been hanging at home, with visits from grandparents and trips out to Allegra’s ballet class and a toddler cookery class – you were the best baby there, quietly watching and then snoozing in your car seat, well done Claudia!

I’m wondering if perhaps you’ve been going through a growth spurt this week as you seem to have been hungrier and more restless late at night and through the night, so there’s been a re-introduction on some nights of the pre midnight feed and also there’s been the odd feed at somewhere between 4-5am because you’ve just not been able to settle with a cuddle and your dummy, and I decided to just feed you and hope for the best.  Usually you’re pretty good at falling back to sleep after that, but I’m hoping we don’t go into reverse on night-feeds and that’s just a phase you’re going through over the last few days.

You’ve been enjoying more and more baths with your big sis, who loves to help wash your hair in the bath!  She would love you to stay in the bath with her for the duration, but we have to explain to her that you get too tired and cold quickly, so it’s best you just have a quick splash about and wash and then we get you   dried, moisturised, and into your clean nappy and jim-jams.  Allegra has been getting quite cross with you splashing her in the bath, which has been funny, she doesn’t quite understand that you’re a baby and not doing it on purpose!

What else to note this week….

You absolutely LOVE:

  • Being held/cuddled as much as possible, mostly by mummy but you will accept cuddles from others if you’re in the right mood
  • Being really toasty and warm with lots of blankets: this worries me a little, so I’m always checking on you when you’re asleep to make sure you’re okay
  • Clutching a bunny comforter or failing that a muslin cloth while you sleep
  • People interacting with you – mummy smiling and kissing your cheeks, big sister Allegra singing nursery rhymes to you
  • Milk!

You’re not so keen on:

  • Getting in/out of your clothes
  • Being put down, although if you’re well fed and well rested then you’re happy to sit in your bouncy chair for a bit or have a kick about on your play-mat
  • Having your mouth wiped for milk spillage mid-feed or post feed
  • When your feed ends!

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