Fun at the Richmond May Fair

Last Saturday, despite the howling and blustery wind and the frequent downpours of rain, we took ourselves off to Richmond Green to enjoy the Richmond May Fair.  It was rather unfortunate that on arrival the heavens opened and despite our best efforts to shelter under some flapping canvas by a cramped stand selling its wares on behalf of a local charity, we got pretty drenched… Not the best of beginnings.  But anyway, spirits a little dampened but not entirely washed out, once the rain had cleared up and the skies brightened a little, we set about enjoying what is a lovely annual local event.

We’ve brought Allegra for the past couple of years actually, but up until now she’s really been a bit young to enjoy it properly but this year was very different.  She really got stuck in!


She loved watching all the various local children performing different kinds of dance routines on the main stage (this makes it sound like Glastonbury, it’s not, but it does have a “main stage”!) and of course she was very keen to try out the array of snacks on offer throughout the fair, but the main things that caught her eye and really thrilled her to bits where the old-fashioned fairground rides, which she dragged Richmond Daddy onto more than once….

Whizzing down the helter-skelter with Daddy:


Having fun on the carousel:


Driving a bus:


She did also go on her current most favourite thing in the world ever…. the Bouncy Castle! But I didn’t capture any photos of that because I was too busy watching her like a hawk, praying she wasn’t going to get her teeth knocked out by some 12-year old lanky boy who really seemed far too big to be going on a bouncy castle, and counting the seconds until her 5-minutes on there was up!

A fun day despite the weather.  Here’s hoping for sunshine next May though!

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