Today I have…

Soothed and calmed a toddler who woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning

… while simultaneously trying to persuade a baby back to sleep, to focus on the toddler

Wiped snot and tears from the toddler’s face, and stroked her hair

Had to start calming process with toddler all over again when she had a meltdown when I insisted on getting out of bed to go to the toilet

Fed baby her bottle of morning milk, as the calmed toddler enjoyed some Peppa

Burped baby, changed baby

Made breakfast for the toddler

Lay baby down on the baby gym to play with Captain Calamari

Let the toddler watch a bit too much television so I could “sort” the kitchen…

Wiped toddler’s snotty nose

Unloaded dishwasher

Loaded dishwasher

Wiped toddler’s snotty nose

Washed and sterilised bottles

Ran between kitchen and living room to keep check on baby and toddler

Had a cup of coffee and a Weetabix

Fed cat

Picked up grisly baby fed up in play gym, got vomited on all down my front

Cleaned myself up, cleaned baby up

Put more Peppa on for the toddler

Wiped snot and yoghurt from the toddler’s face

Reminded the toddler not to keep putting her fingers up her nose and in her mouth

Took the baby upstairs and rocked her to sleep

Back downstairs, final things loaded into the dishwasher

Brought toddler upstairs (thrashing and crying because she wanted more Peppa)

Persuaded toddler onto the potty, then cheered and whopped when she did a wee

Disposed of wee. Cleaned up toddler. Cleaned up potty

Darted back into bedroom to check on baby. Baby still sleeping

Back into bathroom to get toddler washed and teeth brushed

Dress toddler in grey trousers

Re-dress toddler in green and white stripy trousers (“don’t want those ones mummy”)

Wipe toddler’s snotty nose

Negotiate with toddler re what socks, top, jumper to wear

Wipe toddler’s snotty nose

Jump into shower, quick wash, ignore the fact I need to do my hair

Out of shower, throw on clothes from yesterday (fresh pants though, fear not!)

Ponder if the vomit smell on my jumper is really noticeable

Decide it’s not

Bring toddler downstairs with the promise of making banana cake

Wipe toddler’s snotty nose

Begin making banana muffins with toddler

Beg toddler not to eat the cubes of butter we’ve just cut up

Get ignored by toddler

Beg toddler not to flick the mixture over the kitchen worktop

Get ignored by toddler

Run upstairs to check on baby. Baby now awake

Bring baby downstairs and try to keep her entertained while baking with toddler

Realise that I’m following the wrong recipe and we’re not making banana muffins

So now we’re making scones

Beg toddler not to tread banana muffin scone mixture into floor

Get ignored by toddler

Wipe dribble/bit of vomit from baby’s mouth

Change baby’s nappy

Change toddler’s nappy

Dash about the house gathering up things need to leave and go out

Wipe toddler’s snotty nose

Because we’re going to try a new playgroup in town

Wrestle baby into coat, inciting screaming fit from baby

Baby won’t calm down. Baby provides screaming soundtrack as…

I wrestle toddler into coat. Thankfully she willing gets into the double buggy.

Take scones out of the oven, they look a little over-done. Decide not to care.

Finally leave the house. Dash in the drizzle to the play-group location

On arrival, find no play-group in operation. Now rain coming down quite hard.

Try to explain to toddler that there’s no play-group on.

Deal with toddler disappointment.

Walk in rain to the library to get shelter and form a plan.

Stop off at library, encourage toddler to browse books, frantically consult iPhone for ideas

Wipe toddler’s snotty nose

Find alternative local play-group to visit. Bundle toddler back into buggy

Walk to play-group in the driving rain

Struggle to find the play-group on arrival at the location. Toddler decides to get out of buggy, despite my pleas not to…

Toddler falls in muddy puddle. In the driving rain

Bundle toddler back into buggy.

Finally locate play-group and struggle to get through the door with the double buggy

Finally get through the door. Get toddler out of buggy and change her trousers and socks

Get into play-group. Take off toddler’s socks and shoes and release her into the room

Wipe toddler’s snotty nose

Peel off dripping wet coat, get baby out of buggy, feed baby her bottle

Burp baby, get vomitted on (leg this time). Try to clean up vomit with minimal tissues I have

Chase toddler to wipe her snotty nose, while holding slightly vomity baby

Try to keep my eye on the toddler who’s discovered the bouncy castle

Remind toddler she can’t go on the bouncy castle with a biscuit/drink/cheese sandwich

Get ignored by toddler

Catch up on emails/Facebook on iPhone while toddler fills her boots with bouncy castle action and driving around in plastic cars

Wipe toddler’s snotty nose

Rock baby to sleep and bundle her up and into the buggy to snooze in the warm

Wipe toddler’s snotty nose

Realise the rain is never going to stop and decide it’s time to leave

Persuade toddler back into socks, shoes, coat, and the buggy (surprisingly compliant)

Wipe toddler’s snotty nose

Walk the 20 mins back to our house in torrential rain with no umbrella

Feel very sorry for myself

And wet

Very wet

Arrive home, both children asleep (result) only it’s now 3.30pm (not so good)

Transfer toddler onto sofa and cover with blanket

Transfer baby into moses basket and cover with blanket

Mop up puddles of rainwater that have formed on the floor as a result of the sodden buggy

Bring buggy rain-hood up to bathroom to hang over bath to dry off

Peel off wet clothes and change into tracksuit and floppy jumper

Attempt to tidy up the chaos of the living room

Tidy and clean up the post banana muffin scone baking chaos in the kitchen

Check on baby and toddler. Still sleeping

More washing and sterilising of bottles. Prepare baby’s next feed.

Dry my hair with the hairdryer as it is totally soaking wet

Baby wakes up. Feed baby. Burb baby. Thankfully no major vomit this time

Change baby’s nappy

Decide it’s time to wake toddler as otherwise she’ll never go to bed tonight

Wake toddler. Toddler does not take kindly to being woken up

Wipe toddler’s snotty nose

Offer toddler warm milk and a small homemade scone with jam. This helps

Put Winnie the Pooh movie on for toddler. This also helps

Make potato and leek soup for dinner

Wipe toddler’s snotty nose

Make cottage pie for dinner

Wipe toddler’s snotty nose

Further loading of dishwasher

Play with baby for a bit on the baby gym.

Calm grisly toddler

Wipe toddler’s snotty nose

Change toddler’s nappy

Feed toddler. Tell toddler off for throwing food on the floor

And again

And again

And then start to march toddler upstairs to go to bed for throwing food on the floor

Daddy arrives home. Toddler has dinner/bed related tantrum

Sigh, feel slightly at my wits-end, but glad to have reinforcements

Serve dinner for me and Richmond Daddy

Feed cat

Toddler has now calmed. Enjoy a sing-song over dinner with toddler

Wipe toddler’s snotty nose

Prepare baby’s final feed of the day (usual feeding and bedtimes went totally out of the window today!)

Thankfully Richmond Daddy puts toddler to bed, we decide to skip bath-time

Feed baby, burp baby, get vomited on over my hand. Sigh.

Take baby upstairs to get her ready for bed: strip her off, clean her, massage her with nighttime baby oil, put on fresh nappy, put on fresh clothes, give her lots of cuddles

Bring baby downstairs as she seems far too wide awake to go to bed

Start post-dinner tidy up. Load and put on dishwasher

Wash up items that can’t fit into dishwasher

Tidy and clean the kitchen

Tidy up toddler’s playroom

Take down washing that’s been hanging up for the past two days

Fold muslin cloths and put freshly washed bibs in dining room ready for when needed

Empty cat litter. Put new cat litter into tray

Check on baby

Check on toddler

Sort out some laundry. Put laundry on. Marvel at how laundry basket is always overflowing despite constantly putting laundry on

Write blog post

Collapse into bed

#allinaday’swork #knackered

8 thoughts on “Today

  1. oh dear sounds like a typical day in the life of a busy Mummy! its amazing how much there is to do in a day and how much having children can make the simplest domestic tasks take forever to complete!! i can relate to so much of this – asides from the cat litter as we don’t have a cat!!
    i hope you feel better after a good nights sleep already to face uhm well another day just like it maybe!! (hugs) x x

  2. This is scarily true 😦 and seeing it all listed down like that makes me realise just how hectic it is: because when DH asks me what we’ve done today and all I say is ‘gone to play group’ it always sounds so feeble that I’m so exhausted and the house is in chaos! Xx

  3. Thanks for documenting the reasons why we all feel so knackered and unable to articulate what we’ve actually achieved at the end of a day. I’m with you sister. On so many levels (except for the cat and the second child!). Something as small as a light cold, can triple the workload can’t it. Hope you managed a good night’s sleep after all that.

    • It’s crazy what we cram into a day isn’t it?! And then when your OH comes home and asks what you’ve done and you say, gone to a playgroup, it sounds totally lame! Sleeping is improving, so long may that continue! x

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