Claudia at 16 weeks


I have been very very slack on the baby diaries front this past week and am only now getting around to posting Claudia’s 16 week entry, even though today she is in fact 16 weeks 5 days.  Oops!  Anyway, how has my little lady been doing since our last update…

Well, after suffering a bit with broken night’s sleep over the past few weeks, okay months, I decided to try something out in the hope that it might help baby C sleep more soundly through the night:  I started putting her back to sleep in her moses basket.  And you know what? it worked! Wahoo!

Basically this baby LOVES to feel very snug and cosy and warm.  So she loves sleeping up close with mummy, she loves sleeping in someone’s arms, she loves sleeping with her face snuggled up against a soft and fluffy bunny comforter (which I have to keep moving away from her nose/mouth until she’s fallen asleep and then try to take away once she has).  So I thought I’d seen how she’d fare being back in the basket, because even though it’s a bit snug for her, I thought she might like being in a smaller space that her crib provides.

It seems I was right, well done me!  She has been sleeping so soundly since I put her back in the basket, it’s great.  She used to stir frequently through the night even though she wasn’t looking for a feed, but now she maybe stirs once or twice around 5am and can be settled with the dummy until around 7. Hooray!  Of course the flaw in this plan is that she is soon really and truly going to be too big to fit in the basket, but we might get a few more weeks grace before she literally can no longer fit in there!

Feeding schedule has gone a bit skew-whiff of late.  She was on the Gina style 7am – 10.30am – 2.30pm – 6pm schedule but lately that’s all gone a bit awry so we’re sort of feeding her a bit more freely from a time perspective but still working to four bottles of approx. 240 mls per day, approximately every 4 hours.  It’s helping of course to do that 4th feed as late in the day as possible as then we have a stronger chance of her getting through the night without looking for more, but again since the re-introduction of the moses basket we’re getting much better quality sleep than before.  Hooray!

Baby Claudia really is getting stronger and stronger every day.  She holds her head up so well and this past week, whenever you put her in her little chair, she’s straining and straining like she’s doing sit-ups, desperate to sit up, it’s amazing!  I feel sorry for her though as she’s putting all this effort in to sitting up and she’s not able to do it just yet so she falls back into a lying position looking exhausted!  She’s also been getting very good and holding things and batting things this past week.  She’s been gripping a little rattle and giving it a shake and reaching out and grabbing the toys on her bouncy chair and giving them a little whack too.

There’s been lots of smiles and grins, but the giggles are still a bit few and far between despite my best efforts!  She seems to giggle lots for her Nonna and for her Grandad, maybe they’re just altogether more entertaining than I am?!

We took another trip to the baby spa last week – they weighed Claudia and she was 6.87kg (about 15lbs) and had a lovely time splashing about and kicking and thrashing.  In fact she was so energetic that afterwards she basically passed out to sleep for a solid 3 hours, it was amazing!  I really think she’s gaining so much from going to the spa and now when I bath her, the minute she gets in the water she’s so happy and splashy, it’s so cute to see.  I hope she’s going to be a real water baby in the future and be very happy and confident in the water thanks to all these early water sessions.

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