Making pizza with Nonno

I’ve mentioned before that my very lovely Dad is a very talented chef, about a week or so ago, he decided it was time to show Allegra how to make pizza.  So, on a bright and sunny day, he set up a table in the garden (to minimise the mess that might otherwise occur in the kitchen!) and he, Nonna (aka my mum) and Allegra all got busy with the flour, the yeast, and all that malarky.

So they put all the ingredients together and stirred ’em up:



They kneaded and folded and made the dough, then left it to rest/expand:



Then they kneaded and folded some more and rolled, rolled, rolled:



Then they “topped” and baked:


Then we ate.  Deeeeelicious! Or should I say, buonissima!



Home-made pizza.  Done!

12 thoughts on “Making pizza with Nonno

  1. Lovely! That pizza looks delicious. I can see a new baby class on the horizon… he should go into business…x

    • ooooh now that is a good idea, only my dad isn’t very good with mess so he might lose it with a class full of toddlers ha ha – you’ll note how he insisted this activity was done in the garden…

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