Claudia at 17 weeks


Claudia, you are now 17 weeks old.  The weeks are flying by so fast that I can barely keep up with them (hence another late entry in your Baby Diaries!).  It’s been a pretty busy week for you and you have amazed us all at how chilled out and willing to go with the flow you are, as you are brought here and there and everywhere around and about with us, with very little fuss or tears.  We sure are lucky to have such an easy going little bubba!

Over the Bank Holiday weekend we crammed in a visit to Ham House, where we met up with friends for lunch, and a trip to Richmond Theatre to see My First Cinderella Ballet – Allegra LOVED it needless to say and you were amazing, you slept through the first half then happily sat on Daddy’s lap for the second half, taking it all in, we didn’t hear a peep out of you!  Then on Bank Holiday Monday we went to Hampton Court Palace and had a fun day in the sun at The Big Picnic day that was happening there, again you spent quite a lot of the day snoozing or waking to drink your milk, but you did enjoy some kicking about in the shade on the picnic rug and were quite happy to be out and about for the day.

On Tuesday, with Daddy back at work and Allegra back at pre-school for the day, it was jut you and me at home and the weather was AWFUL so we were effectively house-bound for the day, which was a bit frustrating.  But you took advantage of the opportunity to basically sleep more or less the whole day, I think you must have been catching up on the zzzs after a busy weekend!  Amazingly it didn’t stop you sleeping well that night, but I think the combination of a re-introduction of your “dream feed” pre midnight and sleeping back in your moses basket has meant that we’ve all slept a lot better lately.  It seems that’s the magic formula for a good night’s kip!

On Wednesday we had a lovely day out at the Watercress Line with Granny, Grandad, Aunty Susan, and of course your big sister Allegra.  Your photo for this week was taken on the train as we rode up and down the tracks. You were as good as gold all day and took it all in your stride.  Clearly it wore you out though as you weren’t a very happy bunny when we had to make the drive back home and you cried in the car solidly and loudly (!!) for about 15 minutes before finally calming down and gazing out of the window and then falling asleep.  I felt awful hearing you so distressed in the back of the car but not being able to do anything about it.  It still amazes me that you don’t just instantly fall asleep as soon as the car moves!

On Thursday you had your first trip to the beauty salon and hairdressers… with mummy! You were perfect, you slept all the way through me having a leg wax (well done baby!) and then when we got to the hairdressers you were still fast asleep but I decided given you’d gone 5 hours at that point without a feed it was probably time to get you up and encourage you to drink your milk!  So you sat quite happily on my lap, drank your milk, had a cuddle, then were quite content to lie in your pram while I had my hair done.  You bounced on my lap happily while I had my hair-washed and then enjoyed looking at yourself in the mirror while I had my cut and blow-dry.  You really were such a good good baby, you didn’t cry or fuss once!

As you’ve hit the four-month mark now and weaning is almost on the horizon, I’ve been starting to feel quite sad that you’re already starting to leave your newborn days behind you.  We’re hardly co-sleeping at all now because since you’ve been back in your moses basket you’re sleeping so soundly that there’s no need, but I miss that quite a lot and miss opening my eyes to see your podgy little face snoozing peacefully and pointing up towards me with your mouth in a little pout.  So over the past few days I’ve been trying to have the odd nap with you just to have the chance to enjoy snoozing with you close by again.  I know you won’t be my tiny baby for long, so I want to savour you as a little baby as much as I can.  This past week I’ve been having to pack away all your 0-3 month clothes, another sign that you are growing up fast, and it’s made me quite sad to see them all bagged up.

But, on the up side, as another week goes by, you are getting all the more interactive and entertaining.  We’re gradually working out what makes you laugh and giggle – pretending to sneeze; tickles on the tummy; kisses and raspberries on your tummy; gently taps on the nose and chin; and squeaking Sophie La Giraffe at you all seem to be current favourites! – and you’re trying your best to sit up and be part of what’s going on around you.  You’re obviously not quite there on the sitting up yet but I can see how hard you’re trying! Ditto with rolling over – it won’t be long I fear, you have been really putting in some groundwork on practising your roll this past week.  Again, not quite got there yet but you’re dangerously close to turning over, so I’m watching and waiting in anticipation (and fear!).


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