Claudia reviews the Fisher-Price Woodsy Friends Comfy Time Bouncer

Poor baby Claudia, being baby number two she can’t lay claim to having much in the way of new stuff.  So far basically more or less all her possessions (and it’s amazing how many possessions a 17 week old baby can have frankly), apart from the lovely new baby gifts she received at birth, are hand-me-downs from her big sister Allegra.  Not that this means she’s hard done by exactly, but still, when we were offered the chance to review the Fisher-Price Woodsy Friends Comfy Time Bouncer, I first thought “wahoo, somewhere to be able to put baby down while I’m trying to hang laundry/change toddler’s nappy/make lunch or dinner or achieve some other food related task etc etc” and secondly, “wow, Claudia’s very own bouncy chair that only she will have ever sat in, lucky her!”.  So, needless to say we said “yes please” and asked those kind sorts at Fisher-Price to send it on over.


The Fisher-Price Woodsy Friends Comfy Time Bouncer promises “comfort and fun all in one!” – sounding good so far – and delivers on its promise primarily in two ways: by entertaining with its pull down musical owl and “take along” teether and clackers and by soothing thanks to its deep, cosy seat with soft head rest as well as calming vibrations.  Fancy!

As soon as it arrived, we excitedly unpacked it and Richmond Daddy put it together.  This took all of about 5 minutes, so you could say it was rather easy.  It requires two lots of batteries, one set for the toy bar, which we had in stock at home so put in immediately, the other for the vibrating seat bit was one of those super large D batteries that we didn’t have and rather shamefully it took me about 3 weeks to get around to buying one!

So, how has Miss Claudia fared in it during her rigorous testing and reviewing?  Well, I asked her to give me her honest opinion and here’s what she had to report (note.  I have had to paraphrase in some instances here… ahem):

“I’m enjoying my Fisher-Price Woodsy Friends Comfy Time Bouncer a lot, I like the way I can sit comfortably in it and be strapped in – so no danger of falling out flat on my face on the floor like the time mummy left me on the changing table and I propelled myself off it and it was all a bit scary but thankfully I was fine – and the seat is nicely padded and keeps me safe and snug.


“At first I couldn’t quite work out what those hanging things dangling in front of my face were for, but my big sister Allegra showed me (on more than one occasion) how if I pulled the owl then he would twit-twoo at me or play me a little tune.  I haven’t quite managed to pull the owl myself yet – come on, I am only 17 weeks old, it’s a miracle I can articulate this review with such clarity, but I am a child genius in the making obvs – but my mummy seems happy to do this for me quite a lot and Allegra also regularly helps me out on that front, so I get to enjoy the little musical ditties it plays at me, although sometimes I wish they would last for a little longer than they do.

“There are some other dangling bits that I have worked out make a nice clacking noise when I bat them with my fist.  I am now quite good at batting things with my fist, if I do say so myself, and I can also grab them and hold on to them for quite a while if I really put my mind to it!  I would quite like to have a chew on them at some point, they look quite tasty and I am in to chewing things lots as a hobby at the moment, so I hope mummy takes them off the thing they’re dangling from at some point and gives me to me to have a go at.

“Now, the vibrations, not quite made my mind up about those yet.  It took mummy a lifetime to get around to buying the battery but when she finally did and they sat me in the chair and turned it on to vibrate, well, it felt a bit weird and made my bottom feel a bit buzzy.  I think I could grow to like it and it might even make me feel a bit dozy and help me drift off for an afternoon nap, but so far I think I could take it or leave it if I’m honest.


“So, in summary, I would say a big thumbs up to the Fisher-Price Woodsy Friends Comfy Time Bouncer.  I like having my very own little chair to survey the world from.  Allegra has tried to get into it more than once (which bent it a bit but mummy manage to bend it back into the right position), but I like that it is officially mine, all MINE!  Well, at least until I hit the weight limit of 9kg, and then mummy will probably pass it on to someone else with a little baby who’s in need of a comfy chair.  But in the meantime, I shall kick-back and relax in it and keep working on getting hold of that wide-eyed owl.”

There you have it then, out of the mouth of babes.

Disclosure:  We were sent the Fisher-Price Woodsy Friends Comfy Time Bouncer free of charge to review for the purpose of this post, but all opinions and views are honest and our own.

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