Claudia at 18 & 19 weeks

Bonus edition this week, am having to merge weeks 18 and 19 into one post because things have been so manic and busy these last couple of weeks that my blogging has slipped a notch somewhat and with it my baby diaries fell a little behind. So, without further ado…

18 weeksA very busy week for you at 18 weeks baby Claudia, kicked off with a fun “Mummy & Me” shopping afternoon at the very lovely UGG store in Richmond. You were such a good baby, cooing at everyone and looking around (mostly at the lights on the ceiling!), we hardly heard a peep out of you. Basically, as per usual, as long as you were being cuddled and held, you were a happy baby!

Over the weekend we had visitors and you met mummy and daddy’s university friend Guy, his lovely wife Karen, and gorgeous kids Megan and Liam for the first time. They brought you the cutest little outfit as a “welcome to the world” present, I can’t wait to dress you in it but it’s a bit big for you right now – I think it’ll be a good holiday outfit for you, so we’ll save it for then (not too long to go now, yippee!!): thank you to the Pritchards!

You had to have your third set of jabs this week, poor you 😦 you really ARE NOT a fan of injections – but then, in fairness, who is?! You screamed the house down and had big fat tears running down your face, poor you. I felt awful for you. Then, to make matters worse, when we got home there was a voicemail from the nurse saying that she’d made a mistake and only given you two injections, when you should have had three, so we’ve had to book an appointment for next week to go back and have that final one that you missed out on. Argh! Not looking forward to that day!

Mummy took you to the cranial osteopath again this week, the first time since you were treated post birth at around 8 weeks or so I think it was. I wanted to take you in to have you checked over following your fall from the changing table a few weeks ago, just to check everything was were it should be, even though the paediatrician had said you were fine. The very lovely cranial osteo (who completely sorted me out when I was pregnant and suffering from a myriad of aches and pains), said you had a very stiff shoulder on one side, some tension points on your head, and a few other bits that were a little out of alignment. She gently treated you and you appeared to enjoy every minute, looking around and coo-ing, you were so good. You’re all sorted now, so no more trips to see her for the time being, which is good.

We spent the night at Granny and Grandad’s house this week, your first time overnight there, and you were a very good girl sleeping pretty much soundly next to me in your moses basket (which you’ve really out-grown but love sleeping in!) all night. The next day, mummy took big sister Allegra to Peppa Pig World for the day, but left you behind with Granny & Grandad – I didn’t think it’d be fair to drag you around there all day when you’re still so little, but we’ll take you when you’re a bit older – and you spent a lovely day in the garden with them, in the shade, and were a very good girl by all accounts. I’m sure you enjoyed the opportunity to gaze up at the sky and watch the trees blowing in the breeze as you seem to be a big fan of that and it keeps you occupied and amused for some time!

You also had a trip to the Baby Spa again this week – it seems we really did cram a lot into the week! As per usual, you LOVED your session in the water, you seem like such a natural water baby now, beaming from ear to ear as soon as you get into the water and kicking about happily. You were lucky to have the whole place to yourself and when you had your massage afterwards, you were actually giggling and laughing you were enjoying it so much! I love our times together at the Baby Spa, they’re really special for mummy and baby bonding time πŸ™‚

19 weeks

By contrast to your 18th week, your 19th was a little less manic and we tried to take it a bit easier overall. Although the weekend was quite a busy one, starting with a fantastic day spent with mummy’s school-friends, their husbands, and children: there are five of us friends since school, all married, and with a total of 13 children between us! It was quite a day and well done to the amazing Alison (with help from husband Sonny!) for hosting us all! We managed after much effort, to capture this lovely photo of all the kids together, it really makes my heart swell just to look at it and see all these happy little children that we are lucky enough to have in our lives:


The next day we were at home but had our dear friend Dom – a friend from Uni and also Allegra’s godfather – and his lovely wife Lisa, and two gorgeous girls Frankie and Flossie, come visit and we all enjoyed a BBQ and play-date. Again you were such a good girl and enjoyed spending time in the garden particularly, you really love watching everything going on around you in the outdoors, in between snoozing in your little chair that is πŸ™‚

Other that that, the week was fairly uneventful, with just the usual trips to Tiny Tunes music class and ballet with Allegra, then spending time at home with mummy on Tuesday and Thursday when Allegra goes to pre-school.

Actually, Thursday was a particularly lovely day because I decided to try and ignore all the million and one things that I needed to be doing – things like laundry and tidying up and catching up on blogging and emailing and all that stuff. Instead I spent time with you, my littlest boo, snuggled up in bed, cuddling and cooing, snoozing and catching some zzzzs. We hardly have you in our bed at all now, which I know is probably a good thing, but I do miss having you in my arms to sleep and to look down at your little face when you’re really in a deep-sleep and how your little face is so peaceful, your cheeks so squishy and your lips so pouty. So I stole some of this time back and enjoyed every minute of it!

The other thing that deserves a mention from the last couple of weeks is your increasing love of blowing raspberries, it really is hilarious – that and your giggling, but I haven’t managed to capture that on camera yet as usually when I’m trying to make you smile and laugh you stop as soon as I put my phone/camera anywhere near you. Still, I’m glad to have captured this and it makes me laugh every time I watch it!

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  1. That is an amazing photo of all the children together, I am so impressed they are all looking! Sounds like Claudia is thriving, and your weeks are busy. And how frustrating about the jabs, poor C! xx

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