Little Bird Told Me – Musical Twinkles Cot Toy Review

Little Bird Told Me baby and toddler toys are GORGEOUS, fact! I first discovered them when I read a review of one of their baby rockers on a blog and knew I had to get one for Allegra. So when her first Christmas rolled around, it was top of the wish-list from Granny & Grandad and she was lucky enough to be “gifted” the Curious Caterpillar Infant Rocker, which she named “row-row” (due to the fact she always got on it and sang row, row, row your boat as she rocked back and forward on it!):


We still have “row row” in our living room and she still gets on it every now and again even though she’s pretty big on it now, and I’m sure baby Claudia will enjoy playing on it when she’s old enough and able.

So I didn’t need to be asked twice to review a baby toy from Little Bird Told Me’s soft toy collection and I decided upon this beautiful Musical Twinkles Cot Toy, a Billowy Butterfly that attaches to cot sides and plays a lullaby and has sparkling light up wings. So pretty!


From the minute it arrived, we had it out the box and attached to Claudia’s cot (well, moses basket actually as rather unbelievably, she’s still in there even though she has somewhat out-grown it! she just loves being in there!) in seconds. Super-easy set up, basically no set-up, just get it out the box and attach the fabric/velcro straps to the side of the cot/basket handles, and you’re done. I LOVE the fact that there are no batteries required, so there’s no faffing about trying to distinguish your triple As from your double Ds (not sure double Ds are actually a battery type…).

So, you pull the little flower and the Billowy Butterfly works her magic! Her little wings shine with the twinkly lights, which absolutely captivated Claudia from the outset, and she plays a pretty lullaby. In truth, I’m not convinced Claudia would be lulled to sleep by the lullaby but she certainly enjoys listening to the music and if she’s a bit fractious, I can put it on and immediately catches her attention.


In fact, even just putting the butterfly near her, she immediately stretches up to look at it and she coos and smiles when she sees it: so cute! We’ve even taken to bringing it with us when we go for a nappy change, so she can gaze at it and enjoy the music and twinkly lights while she’s getting cleaned up!

Apart from the fact that it entertains Claudia, what I love about the Musical Twinkles Cot Toy is how plush and soft the whole of the toy is. It really is fantastic quality and I think it is good value at £20, because it really is gorgeous. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one or indeed any other product from Little Bird Told Me for either of my girls (but frankly, they have enough toys!) or as a gift for a new baby in particular. They really are beautiful and have an appealing traditional and timeless feel to them that I love.

I only wish I could justify bringing ANOTHER baby play mat into our home (trust me, I can’t justify it sadly!) as I would definitely purchase one of these in a heartbeat! And don’t even get me started on their adorable Papa, Mama, and Baby Bear toys – I know both Allegra and Claudia would LOVE these huggable softies (in fact, I’d probably like one myself…). In the meantime, here’s a little video of Claudia enjoying her new toy:

Disclosure: we were sent the Musical Twinkles Cot Toy from Little Bird Told Me free of charge for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are honest and our own.

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