Introducing my BritMums Live 2013 Sponsor: Kaleidoscope

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This weekend, something big is happening. Something HUGE. Some would say HUMONGOUS (but is that really even a word…apparently it is!). It is BritMums Live 2013, a two-day blogging conference, where lots of us over-sharers get to meet, gossip, drink wine, eat cake, oh yes and listen to a whole lot of interesting/informative/inspirational speakers that send us away determined to do more with our blogs and re-ignite our passion for all things social media (not that most of us need any more encouragement on that front usually!).

For me personally, along with all the aforementioned benefits, it is also a marvellous opportunity for me to have some “alone time” – yes of course I love my OH and two girls with all my heart, but sometimes, just sometimes, it would be nice to go to the bathroom alone/not have a vomity damp left shoulder/not have to try and salvage a pair of knickers that have fallen victim to the joy that is potty training etc. etc.

So this weekend, I will have alone time, I will have gossip and adult conversation time, I will have wine drinking, cake eating, overnight stay in a hotel by myself, lie-in enjoying, ME TIME. And frankly, I CAN’T WAIT!  Although I am a little bit nervous and apprehensive about being away from baby Claudia for this long, it’ll be the first time we’ve spent a night apart and certainly the most time we’ve been away from each other to date, but I know she’ll be in good hands, so I’ll have to try not to worry (the wine and the cake may help with that, as will the lie-in *cough*).

Aside from the very kind grandparents who have agreed to have the kids for the best part of two days including an overnight stay (as my attendance at BritMums has clashed with a poker tournament that the OH apparently can’t possibly miss… ahem), the people making this weekend possible for me, are my very lovely sponsors, Kaleidoscope.


Kaleidoscope offers a range of stylish women’s fashion and footwear, as well as an extensive home-wares collection.  You can shop online or via their catalogue, and as someone who loves to shop, I couldn’t think of a more perfect partner for me to go to BritMums Live and represent!

As we have a family holiday to France on the horizon (CAN’T WAIT!!!), I have been browsing Kaleidoscope’s holiday dresses in anticipation of having to put together a suitcase full of versatile clothes that I can wear day to night, given that I imagine I’ll have a very small corner of the car devoted to my holiday essentials, while the rest of the car is given over to the children’s essentials.  Poor Richmond Daddy may just have to survive in the clothes on his back…  Anyway, here are my top picks so far (all I need now is the size 10 toned figure to go with them….):


You can have a browse for your own holiday essentials and a whole lot more from Kaleidoscope here and follow them on Twitter @Kaleidoscope_UK

See you at BritMums Live! xoxo

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