Every day I’m cuddling

A few weeks back, baby Claudia made her modelling debut, by being one of the babies to star in a shoot with ex-England rugby player Ben Cohen to promote the Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure Cuddle Mastery Guide, which launched this month.  No, I haven’t got her signed up to a model agency or anything, it was something that came about because my lovely cousin Jo is part of the team working on the campaign.  Anyway, we were more than happy to get involved and Claudia amazed me at what a pro she turned out to be, happily cuddling up to Mr Cohen (well, who wouldn’t be happy about that?!) and posing like a super!


So let me tell you a bit about the campaign.

New research by Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure apparently revealed that fathers are a bag of nerves when it comes to holding their baby for the first time and a lack of confidence means over half (60%) of new dads feel nervous when giving their little one those first important cuddles.

We’re big on the cuddles in our house, but I know myself – having not had much experience with babies before I had my own – that I’m definitely more confident in holding baby Claudia than I was when I first had Allegra, I was terrified of breaking her for the first few weeks!

Mummy & Allegra's first cuddle!

Mummy & Allegra’s first cuddle!

The research showed that while mothers have plenty of advice from other mums, fathers tend to feel inexperienced and…

  • third of fathers don’t know how to hold their baby for the first time
  • For 20% of dads, the first baby they will ever hold is their own
  • It takes a fifth of dads one week on average to feel comfortable holding their little one, whereas most mums (62%) feel it is a natural instinct from day one
  • The majority (40%) of new fathers aren’t left alone with baby until at least one week old (probably a lot older in many cases I’m sure!!)

But rather encouragingly, it also showed that 80% of dads cover the night feed and cuddles, which is when father and baby start to bond.

Having seen what the research revealed, Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure then teamed up with very lovely father-of-two and ex-rugby player Ben to create the Cuddle Mastery Guide, which is endorsed by the British Skin Foundation and aimed at giving new parents confidence in how to cuddle, comfort and soothe their little one.

Claudia (on the left) cuddling with Ben and fellow model baby Dexter

Claudia (on the left) cuddling with Ben and fellow model baby Dexter

Jean Robinson, British Skin Foundation trustee and children’s dermatology nurse says “The quality of early parent-baby relationships influences your baby’s subsequent physical and mental development, so it’s very important to get it right from the beginning. Babies who are given lots of cuddles and love and affection may find stress or anxiety easier to deal with as they grow up.”  Interesting stuff.  Who knew that cuddles were more than just a lovely snuggly thing to do with your bubba?!

my favourite pic from the shoot

Strike a pose Claudia! – my favourite pic from the shoot

You can download the Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure Cuddle Mastery Guide or share your cuddling tips at www.facebook.com/comfortzoneUK

5 thoughts on “Every day I’m cuddling

  1. My man is always giving cuddles and receiving cuddles from all his girls (inc me) but tonight is the first time he’s having her alone and will have to feed her and that’s with her being 19 weeks old!! X

  2. awww she makes a beautiful model and i especially love that final black and white shot. i cuddle my two all the time and they in return are cuddly boys. i feel i need to get as many cuddles in now because one day they wont want to cuddle me as much! x

  3. What lovely keepsakes…!
    Ollie starred in the Ashes opener when he was a baby…proud mummy or what? Also because we knew the producer. x

  4. What a fantastic opportunity for little Claudia. She looks as though she is a real pro. When she grows up you can show her these pics and she will see that she was very special. Love the pics.

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