Claudia at 20 weeks


Twenty weeks! Feels like a milestone and once again I’m staggered at how fast the time is passing (I should be used to this by now I know!).

You’re such a happy and easy-going baby, thank goodness! and have slotted into our little family and our lives so easily.  I’m amazed at how good you are at dropping off to sleep if I time it just right – the usual cue is when you start to rub your eyes, very cute! – I can put you in your moses basket (yes, you’re still in the basket even though you’re really a bit too big for it, but you love being snug in there), with one of your little bunny comforters, and within a few minutes you’ll be snoozing.  Your worst enemy though is getting over-tired, then you really struggle to get off to sleep and it’s quite hard to calm you down once you get het-up about being desperate to go to sleep.  But lots of cuddles and rocking – especially on mummy’s shoulder – usually does the trick.

You’re still sleeping in your basket next to mummy, I am SO not ready for us to move you into your own room even though I know we moved Allegra when she was about 5-months old (mainly because she totally out-grew her crib by our bed).  I’ll be hanging on to you in our room for a while yet!

I absolute adore how you look while you are sleeping, I’m always trying to get the perfect picture of you mid-snooze, but can never quite manage it (it’s always too dark or too close up or just not right!). But here are a few taken as you snoozed on me this week:


Feeding wise, you’re on four bottles a day of about 240 mls, but it amazes me how you seem to be happy to go hours and hours without a feed.  This week you had a bottle around midnight and I ended up having to wake you up at 9.30am the next morning to give you a feed!  Incredible!  You are happy to drink your milk but never seem all that hungry, but you’re drinking your bottles over the course of the day and you’re putting on weight well, so I guess that’s the main thing.

We celebrated your first Father’s Day this week and Daddy’s first Father’s Day as a daddy to two gorgeous girls.  What a lucky daddy 🙂

I love the fact that you’re giggling more – you pretty much always giggle when bounced up and down, or when tickled during a nappy change – and you are smiling so much now, even at strangers to come up to say hello!  What a happy little baby, my favourite smiles are the big beaming ones you give me first thing in the morning when you first see my face looking down at you as you lie in your moses basket.  A lovely wake-up hello!

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