Christmas in July

Miss Allegra and I had a rather lovely Christmas Eve evening today, thanks to the very gorgeous The White Company inviting us to their blogger preview of Christmas in July: where they showcased their Christmas 2013 collection in the most beautiful of London homes on Fitzroy Square.


Poor Allegra has been under-the-weather these past couple of days with a sore throat and general achy-ness, poorly-ness, and has understandably not been herself.  There’s been a lot of time spent in bed or on the sofa, with Peppa on the TV, and lots of cuddles.  I’ve not been feeling all that great myself, but neither of us wanted to miss out on going to the event so dosed up and feeling just about well enough to get out and about, we got ourselves onto the train and headed up to the big smoke to enjoy an early taste of Christmas future.


Allegra really enjoyed travelling on the train and was most excited to walk down all the steps into the tube station at Waterloo and catch the tube to Warren Street, she loved all the people watching opportunities and whizzing really fast on the train through each stop.

Once we arrived at the BEAUTIFUL house that staged The White Company Christmas event, the little’uns were treated to a very special movie screening of The Snowman, which they could watch from the most gorgeous little tee-pees, complete with cushions and little duvets and snuggly soft toys for cuddling, oh and balloons too.  Allegra was in her element.


So while she hung out in the movie room, mummy got to learn how to make some incredibly delicious Christmas punch (which helped soothe my sore throat no end!) – you can pop over here to see the recipe – and ice some Gingerbread Men biscuits, all in the most stunning kitchen you’ve ever seen.  I want this house!



I then took a wander through the whole house to check out all the beautifully dressed rooms and lust over all the things I now want from The White Company: I’m just not sure I can wait until Christmas to get them!


More Christmas/home inspiration (I may find myself wishing the year away now, desperate to get to December!):


Ho, ho, ho, Meeeeerrrry Christmas! xoxo

7 thoughts on “Christmas in July

    • Oh my god, it was something else! Apparently Guy Ritchie has the pad next door and just before I arrived, David & Victoria Beckham were seen arriving and going in there – I missed it! Argh!! x

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