Claudia at 21 & 22 weeks

Another missed week, oops! Life is getting in the way of blogging (isn’t it always the way?!) – that and the fact that the weeks speed by so quickly, I think being a day or so late in posting my baby diaries isn’t so bad and then before I know it, another week has gone, argh! Anyway, another joint entry in the baby diaries, here are weeks 21 and 22:

21wksSo, week 21 saw you having your first sleepover without Mummy at Granny & Grandad’s house, with your big sister, while I went off to BritMums Live. I felt quite nervous leaving you overnight for the first time, we haven’t slept apart since you came into the world, but I knew you’d be in safe hands and it was lovely to have a little time to myself (although I still managed to wake up ridiculously early even without you by my side gurgling and giggling).

Granny & Grandad said you were so good and you were very kind to them also by sleeping all through the night and not waking up too early. Well done little bubba 🙂

I felt so emotional coming home and seeing you and Allegra after a few days away, it brought tears to my eyes to see you and hug you both and to realise again just how lucky I am to come home to two such gorgeous girls (and to Daddy of course too!).

We took another trip to the Baby Spa this week, this time Nonna came with us, and you had a great time as usual and she enjoyed watching you kicking and splashing and floating about in the water. You just love it there and you also especially love your post swim massage, then afterwards you have a nice snooze and your so happy and content.

You’re smiling and giggling so much now, it’s brilliant. You love being tickled on your tummy and you love kisses on your tummy and your face during nappy changes, that always makes you laugh, and you love being bounced up and down on my knee quite fast – that really makes you giggle. You’re so interested in what’s going on around you now and really enjoy being in the garden where you can watch the trees and look up to the sky and see aeroplanes flying by (you seem to find that quite amusing although I’m not sure quite how/if you can see that high up?! but then again we are on the Heathrow flight-path so they come over quite low!).

I think you’re in the full throws of teething at the moment, so you’re a drably, drooling, raspberry-blowing baby at the moment and you’re doing lots of comedy gurning and pouting and chewing. So we’re onto the teething gel and granules, I think you may have a tooth about to come through at the front as I think I could feel something there, can’t quite believe we’re almost seeing teeth!

22wks22 weeks old today and can I just say how LUCKY we are to have such a good baby like you little Claudia. Mummy and Allegra haven’t been very well this week – sore throats and achy bodies and generally feeling poorly – and you thank goodness have been such a wonderful little baby, hardly ever crying, being patient when you’re not the centre of attention as we’ve tried to get through this week not feeling our usual selves. You’re amazing!

We all went to see In the Night Garden Live at the weekend and you came along for the show of course. You were absolutely captivated by it, must have been all the lights and music I’m not sure, but you certainly watched it intently and seemed to enjoy every minute, we didn’t hear a peep out of you!
The dribbling and drooling has been in full-force this week, so the teething is really cranking up a gear, but you are dealing with it really well and thankfully it doesn’t seem to cause you any discomfort at night. You are still sleeping in your moses basket, even though you really are too big for it, but you love it in there it seems so we’ve let you stay in there a little longer than we probably should. I think it’s time to get you out of there now and we’ll move you into the beside-the-bed crib, which your moses basket is currently inside, and get you adjusted to being somewhere a little less cramped (or cosy as you probably see it!).

Love you little boo, your big smiles when you see mummy really make my day and make my heart burst. You’re the best! xoxo

5 thoughts on “Claudia at 21 & 22 weeks

  1. awww i have just been reading another baby update and all these baby girls i am reading about are making me all gooey inside because they and Claudia are all so gorgeous! she did well at her first sleepover without you as did you to leave her. i let Burton leep in his moses basket for longer than he should too! easily done x x

    • Aww thank you 🙂 Yes, it was hard leaving her, I was so happy to be reunited with her post BritMums, but the same time is was nice to have a bit of a break. Yep, the moses basket has to go now really, she’ll be wedged stuck in it at this rate! xx

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