Claudia at 23 weeks

23 weeksWeek 23! And once again, I’m behind with my baby diaries – but there’s a good reason for that this time, we’ve been on holiday for the past two weeks and I took a bit of a blogging break.  But, now we’re back and I’m frantically trying to catch up with myself and with the weeks that continue to speed by with baby Claudia.

So, the BIG news of week 23 is that on the 4th July (technically when she hit exactly 22 weeks but in an unusual fit of efficiency, I’d already posted my baby diaries for that week when this happened…), baby Claudia ROLLED OVER! Yes, she is now officially “on the move” – scary!  She’d been attempting it for a little while now, but not quite made it over, then after much effort and a lot of cheering-on and encouragement from mummy, daddy, and nonna, who were all on hand at the time, over she went! And she was delighted with herself!

Since then, basically all she wants to do is roll over. She’s just rolling from her back to her front, and hasn’t managed to roll back again, but basically as soon as she is laid down on her back, off she goes… roll, roll, roll…!  The one downside to this is that after a little while


of being on her tummy, she tends to vomit and so there has been the odd occasion where she’s ended up face-down in some milky-goo… not so nice!

Starting with the big roll, it’s been quite a week of firsts for baby C this week:  first time on a ferry (where this week’s picture was taken); first time abroad (we all went off to France for our summer holiday, more on that later), first time properly sleeping in her own room for more than just a one off/one night occasion (she had her own little room off our bedroom in the gîte we were staying in and yes, I was up more than a few times in the night just to check on her!).  Quite a week! And she took it all in her stride, my gorgeous girl 🙂

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