Allegra & her Little Us friends

Allegra has a new collection of friends: Chloe, Amelia, Ruby, and Millie.  At any one time, one of them is her constant companion.  So far Chloe has the edge in terms of being the “bestest friend” but Ruby comes in a close second and for a while Millie was also top flavour of the month.  To date, Amelia hasn’t had that much of a look in, but she’s still very much part of the gang.

Chloe, Amelia, Ruby, and Millie are not a new gaggle of girls at Allegra’s pre school.  Oh no, they are a new collection of super cute, soft dolls for pre-schoolers, from Little Us, each with their own personality: the idea being that girls can pick the one that’s most like them (hence the Like Us name!).  Chloe is cute with her blonde bunchies, she’s into pink and all things princesses and fairies (yep, I chose her for Allegra!), while Ruby is the little diva who sometimes is a bit naughty (actually, on certain days I could have chosen her for Allegra…), then there’s Millie who is the tomboy of the group, and finally Amelia, who’s a bit shy and loves her books, and animals.

We were kindly sent a Chloe doll to review and then were also lucky enough to win a set of the other Little Us dolls in a facebook competition, so Allegra has been very fortunate to have a whole gaggle of “new friends” as she calls them and to say she LOVES them would be somewhat of an understatement!

Ever since the Little Us dolls arrived in the Richmond household, Allegra’s pretty much had one of them (more often than not Chloe) tucked under her arm as she goes about her business….

IMG_3653Chloe has been out with Allegra to visit friends and made a good snoozing in the car companion.

Ruby has been out shopping with us…


Millie was lucky enough to come along with us a few weeks ago to see In The Night Garden Live in Richmond, which was a lot of fun…


Ruby came with us to The White Company Christmas in July event and enjoyed a ride on the train and the London Underground to get there:


Chloe Little Us was even lucky enough to come on holiday with us to France and has spent the past couple of weeks sunning herself in Normandy and the Vendee, enjoying trips to the beach, ice creams on a daily basis, fun days out at theme parks and the zoo, visits to French castles, and more than the occasional picnic.  She was a lovely holiday companion and I think she enjoyed herself…


Little Us dolls are about 12″ high, made from soft plush material, and each comes in it’s own little outfit.  They have an old-world rag-doll charm, which I think is adorable, and honestly they have proved a huge hit with my girls.  Claudia is only just coming up to 6-months old, but her face lights up every time I let her have a cuddle with Chloe!

Image 2

But here’s where they’ve become a real winner… bedtime!  For months now, Allegra has been doing everything possible to resist going to bed, until I devised a little bedtime routine involving the Little Us dolls.  Now, each evening after bath time, when she is in her PJs and has drunk her milk, we line the dolls up alongside her cot and we chose a bedtime story for each of them.  We read each story, one by one, and then each of them is put to bed in her cot.  Then it’s the final story, Allegra’s chosen storybook, and then guess what… yes, into bed she goes.  And it’s working!! Yes, the downside is that I have to read 5 (count ’em!!) stories every evening before bed, but if I help steer the choices wisely enough then we don’t end up with War & Peace size tomes, and anyway, if it means that I can avoid the  hysterics and arguments that had been previously a feature of bedtime, then frankly reading five stories a night is a relatively small price to pay.

So, thank you to Little Us dolls for massively improving our bedtime routine!!

RRP £9.99 (which I think is really good value for the quality of these dolls), the Little Us dolls are available from Amazon, Harrods, Hamleys, and and if you LIKE the Little Us facebook page then you can keep up to date on news, competitions, and the general adventures of the dolls and their friends.

Disclosure:  We were sent a Chloe Little Us doll for the purposes of this review then were fortunate enough to win the other Little Us dolls in a facebook competition, so have included them in our review of the range. All opinions are honest and our own.

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