Claudia at 24 weeks


24 weeks old and rapidly approaching the 6-month milestone, suddenly baby Claudia is seeming so very grown up, where did my newborn go?!

Her 24th week was spent on holiday in France where she amazed us with her chilled out nature and adaptability, coping so well with the hot weather and sleeping soundly at night even in a totally new environment.  She is such an angel baby, we are SO lucky!  I count my blessings every day with this little boo.

This photo pretty much sums Claudia up right now, it’s all about getting things into her mouth, usually her fist but if she can get her hands on anything else – a chew toy, a fluffy toy, Allegra’s hair! – it’ll go into her gob!  Yep, it’s chewing chewing chewing time, oh as well as rolling rolling rolling time!

This week Claudia has been making me laugh by blowing raspberries/making farting noises on my shoulder when I hold her up against me!  It’s hilarious, she starts slobbering over my shoulder and moving her head really fast from side to side, which makes a funny noise and then she’ll make this raspberry/farting noise and it’s really loud against my shoulder (hard to describe but most amusing!)!

Claudia has been a little off her milk this week, well I say that but I mean she’s still drinking a fair quantity of it but she’s just not been finishing every bottle.  I guess it’s probably because she’s filling up a bit on the extra water we’ve been offering her in the very hot weather, maybe she doesn’t then feel as hungry for her milk, and maybe the heat has affected her appetite a bit too, hard to know… But anyway, she’s happy and content and smiling (apart from during the odd car journey as we’ve been travelling for holiday days out… not always a fan of the car it seems!), so I guess we don’t have too much to be concerned about.

This week Claudia has discovered the joy of a jumperoo!  The place we were staying at on holiday had one and we gave baby C a little try of it and oh my goodness she was in her element!  She was bouncing and tugging and batting and spinning, she loved it!




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