Claudia at 25 weeks

25wks25 weeks old today, baby Claudia seems to have leapt from a curled up newborn to a wriggly, rolling, giggling, gurgling, smiley and sometimes shouty big very nearly 6-month old baby girl!

I don’t know how we’re 6-months on already, time is going frighteningly fast and while a big part of me does want to slow it down, it’s exciting to see how her little personality is emerging as the weeks go by.

One of the best things is that now she’s that much more mobile and interactive, her relationship with her big sister is also continuing to flourish and that’s particularly wonderful to see.  I think these two are going to be the very best of friends.

After enjoying ourselves at a wedding in Frankfurt at the weekend, during which Claudia stayed awake laughing, giggling, and dancing with mummy until around 11.30pm (!!), this week has been largely home-spent as we settle back into the everyday post our 2-week holiday in France. So there’s been lots of laundry, lots of “sorting” and tidying to do, and so lots of time at home spent playing and hanging out in the garden.  We’ve also been busy making final preparations for Claudia’s baptism, which is happening this Saturday (got to make the cake today, eek!).

Sisters in their party dresses at a wedding

Sisters in their party dresses at a wedding

We’ve now had to pack away the carrycot for the pram and switch it up to the seat, because Claudia was rolling in the carrycot when I took her out in her pram earlier in the week and it was all looking a bit dangerous! So now she’s in the sitting up seat, with straps, she’s looking scarily grown up!

Unless asleep, Claudia can largely be found on her tummy on her playmat or pressing buttons and slobbering over her Leapfrog Learn & Groove Activity Station (that is when Allegra isn’t in there reliving her baby days!).  She’s quite the busy baby these days now that she is more mobile (rolling) and strong enough to go in the activity station, she puts in a full day’s work!

Thankfully she continues to be a great sleeper (hopefully I’m not jinxing things by saying that publicly!) and while during the day she’s more of a cat-napper, although will have the occasional day when she’ll sleep for maybe an hour’s stint, come the night, she’s fantastic: going down sometime between 7.30-8.30pm and then sleeping pretty much without a peep from her until sometime between 6-7am.  I know how lucky we are! When we were at the Frankfurt wedding at the weekend, she went to bed so late (around 11.30pm), having had a feed around 9pm ish, and she gave us a lie in until 10am!!!! Totally amazing baby, thank-you! And much needed, given that mummy and daddy didn’t make it to bed until around 2.30am… well, there was a dance-floor that needed cutting-up!

I can’t believe that in a mere 6-days, Claudia will hit the 6-month milestone and we’ll be starting her weaning journey.  I think I will do a lot more baby-led weaning this time, which I didn’t really do with Allegra, but I’m hoping that a mixture of traditional purées along with the baby-led approach might help her to develop a love for a wide range of foods.  I’m also thinking it might be a bit easier for me to integrate Claudia into our mealtimes rather than having to constantly prepare separate food for her (does that make me lazy?!)… exciting!

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