Claudia at 26 weeks

26wksWhooooooosh… what was that?!? – oh yes, the past 6-months, yes 6 MONTHS, whizzing by! What the?!? Baby Claudia has hit the 6-months milestone, 26 weeks old on Wednesday just gone, and our baby girl is most definitely no longer a little newborn any more.  The changes in the last few weeks have just been incredible.  She’s gone from being a lying down on her back, gurgling, gazing up at the sky, sleeping lots little bubba, to a rolling (always with the rolling!), chattering, laughing, raspberry-blowing, almost sitting up on her own, toy grabbing and shaking, sitting up (sometimes slumping a bit!) in the highchair (!!) 6-month old who is engaged with the world and loving it!  I really feel like the last month in particular has brought about such amazing new developments in her that she’s changed so much in just those 4 or so short weeks.  Incredible.


This past week has been quite an exciting one.  On Saturday, we gathered family and friends together to join us for Claudia’s baptism at St. Elizabeth’s Church in Richmond.  It was a lovely day, the sun shone and Claudia was as a good as gold, even when being tipped upside down/backwards and having the holy water poured over her head.  No crying, just gurgling and smiling at everyone all day.  Total star of the show!  We were all very proud of her and she looked absolutely beautiful in her little Christening gown (aka a pretty dress from Monsoon that I’d bought for Allegra’s Christening back in 2011, which was dug out for the occasion!).  Her godparents are my very special and lovely first cousin Claire (love you cus!) and Richmond Daddy’s also very lovely first cousin Andrew, who will both be brilliant and Claudia’s very lucky to have them looking out for her.


The other big news of Claudia’s 26th week is that we have started her weaning journey!  I decided we’d do a bit of a mixture of baby-led and puréeing this time around, with Allegra it was more or less all purées, but I’ve seen friends have such amazing success with the baby-led approach that I thought I’d give it a try.  So, we started out with banana, she licked it and slobbered over it and pulled some funny faces and then smiled a bit.  Not entirely sure if she actually consumed any, I think she did but it was a bit hard to tell!


As well as banana, she’s also tried some buttered toast (again, not sure how much she actually swallowed but she seemed to like it!), carrot (went down ok it seemed), a raspberry and a strawberry (seemed very popular with Claudia and it looked like she ate a fair bit of those) and in the last few days, pear.  It seems quite strange to be doing the whole weaning thing again, but it’s fun to be introducing Claudia to new things every few days and I’m hoping it won’t be too long before she’s properly joining us for mealtimes and feeling even more part of what we’re all doing around her.  I’m hoping it might even have a positive impact on Allegra’s eating too, the other day when I said Claudia was having some pear, she said “I want pear too”… excellent… wonder if this might extend to courgettes, green beans, and broccoli… I somehow doubt it!

We also went to Gymboree this week, but this time tried out the 6-months+ class.  She really enjoyed herself and loved all the songs and the chance to roll around on the soft mats and play with balls.  She was giggling her head off during the parachute bit and when the bubbles were being blown and wafting around the room she was mesmerised! It’s been lovely to start doing things like this together as it really gives us some quality play time one-on-one, which is often lacking for the two of us I’ll admit.

Congratulations on your 6-month birthday baby Claudia, I can’t wait to see what the next 6-months will bring, so bring it on! Love you little boo, xoxo

4 thoughts on “Claudia at 26 weeks

  1. wow Bianca where have those 6 monthds gone? blimey time is just whizzing past. she looks a lot like her daddy. some wonderful photos from her baptism – you all look so happy and proud and the photo of the 4 of you is just lovely.
    and now she is weaning!!! i love seeing the faces of babies when they are trying solids for the first time – soooo funny! and messy hee hee.i found that Jenson was a great eater to start with then he picked up some of B’s fussiness and did the same!! *sighs* i hope Allergra continues asking to try new foods xx

    • I know, 6-months already?!?! craziness! Yes, everyone says both our girls look like their daddy, but I think with Claudia there are some (albeit small) similarities to my side of the family (possibly wishful thinking!). The baptism was a lovely day and am so pleased we managed to get some pics of the 4 of us 🙂 xx

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