Review: The Bedding Company

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I have a bit of a lifelong obsession with pillows and finding the perfect one.  One with the right amount of bounce and feathery crunch ideally, but that doesn’t get you overheating (a big no-no) and that can stay cool against your cheek even on the hottest of nights.

I have yet to find that perfect pillow.

And I have bought A LOT of pillows in my time.  Just ask Richmond Daddy… he’ll testify.

So when I was contacted by The Bedding Company with an offer to try out a product from their extensive range of all things bedding, I naturally said “yes please” and then plumped for a set of pillows, to add to my collection and further my research into pillow nirvana.

Arguably pillows were the last thing I needed, I could instead have opted to try out a duvet or a mattress accessory (perhaps slightly dull for the purposes of a review though) or even a bedding set – they have a range of brands including Silentnight, Jeff Banks, and even Dwell (I’m actually quite tempted by this rather glamorous set) – but no, I opted for pillows. Always in search of THE perfect one.

I was kindly sent the Silentnight Climate Control Pillow Pair to review, worth £11.99, which are made with special fancy-pants fibres that promise to reduce excess heat and keep bedding fresh.  Particularly handy therefore in this recent heatwave we’ve been experiencing! They are also machine washable (always a bonus), non-allergenic, and super soft with a 100% microfibre cover.


As soon as they arrived, I unpacked them and had them straight on the bed for the first night’s testing.  We found them to be really soft and fluffy (probably a little too much on the soft side for me if I’m being honest) and they certainly did live up to their promise of helping us stay cool through the night, which was a big bonus point.  Both Richmond Daddy and I found them really comfortable and while I think I am still searching for the most perfect of perfect pillows, I was generally happy with this one and would recommend it.

Actually, where the pillow really came into its own, was during this spell of extremely hot weather.  Allegra was getting so hot and sweaty in the night, her hair would be drenched and she looked very uncomfortable, so I offered her “mummy’s special pillow”, which she enthusiastically took to her cot, and it’s been a real winner in terms of helping her stay cool and fresh and a lot less sweaty on these hot summer nights.  So I think that’s where it’s really had the most success in our house, as a way to help an otherwise hot and bothered toddler get a good night’s sleep and stay cool and comfy in her bed, which of course means it gets a big thumbs up from me!

Disclosure:  I was sent a set of the Silentnight Climate Control pillows for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are honest and my own.

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