Claudia at 27 weeks

Argh, once again I am behind, but I have a bit of an excuse in that I have been without laptop for a week after a coffee (with sugar and milk!!) spillage on my beloved MacBook Air, which meant it had to go to the laptop doctors for a bit. Yes, I could have blogged on Richmond Daddy’s laptop, but it’s not THE SAME…! Anyway, I am back in business now and desperately trying to catch up on myself, so bear with…

27weeksWeek 27 wasn’t the best week for little baby Claudia as she seemed to feel the full force of teething for the best part of the week, poor little thing. Red cheeks, lots of dribbling, the odd shriek out in pain and generally grumpiness, not to mention the constant need to chew and chomp on everything from my shoulder/arm/hand to any toys, teethers, her own hands, and the like, were all a feature of the week. Poor little C even had her first dose of Calpol as she was so distressed one day. Four doses in 24 hours in fact, which got her over the worst of it and then things calmed down a lot, I felt so sorry for her, it feels as though she may have a couple of teeth, possibly even three, all coming through at once on the top. Still awaiting their actual arrival though…

Aside from the teething traumas, Claudia had a pretty interesting week. We spent a night at Nonna and Nonno’s house while daddy was away on a stag do dinner with a large group of male friends in honour of a close friend’s impending wedding. And Claudia enjoyed giggles with Nonno in the garden…

We took a trip up to the “big smoke” (when I had to bring my laptop into the Apple store in Covent Garden :-() and visited Daddy’s work and also went to my office and saw lots of lovely people that I work with and I had the chance to show Claudia off to anyone who was interested!

At the end of the week, we decided it was probably a good time for Claudia to enjoy sleeping in her own room (sob!) and so she moved into her little bedroom and now sleeps in her cot in there all the time. This felt like a momentous occasion and I felt really torn (still do) as I absolutely loved having her sleeping next to our bed, but I was starting to worry that the mattress in the beside-the-bed crib was a bit thin and not really that good for her to be sleeping on permanently, so she’s really in a better place sleeping in her comfy and roomy cot in her own bedroom. But I still miss her being in our room though… 😦 she does look super cosy in there though…

Then, at the weekend, Claudia (with her big sister too) spent the weekend – Friday evening through to Sunday lunchtime – at Granny and Grandad’s house, leaving me and Richmond Daddy to have some quality time together, which was much appreciated, but I felt really weird about leaving her, well both of them actually but especially Claudia as she’s only a bubba, for two full nights. It did us good though to have a bit of time off from parent duties and Claudia by all accounts had a great time with Granny and Grandad, so it all worked out well. I couldn’t believe how grown-up she was looking after not seeing her for a couple of days, it seemed like she’d changed overnight! She was sitting up in her highchair and trying new foods, it’s crazy how fast she’s changing all the time, my beautiful littlest girl.

Weaning is a work-in-progress, but she’s showing more interest in food now and I’m amazed at how she seems to know to shove the spoon in her mouth when presented with it: basically she only ever wants to feed herself, the independent little boo! She’s in to her berries it seems – raspberries and strawberries being a big hit – and also is a fan of the humble potato, but I think most of it she still ends up wearing vs. eating, but still we’re up and running at least!

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