Review: Room to Grow

Allegra moved into her big girl’s bedroom at Christmas, in advance of baby Claudia’s arrival, and since then we’ve been evolving the room from what was our spare-room cum dumping ground for laundry and other things you want to hide away from visitors, into a gorgeous little girl’s room that she enjoys spending time in.  R2G1So last week, we were VERY excited to accept delivery of a much-lusted-after (on my part anyway!) Tidy Books Open-Facing Bookcase, from the lovely lovely people at Room to Grow: the online retailer that specialises in gorgeous children’s beds and furniture.  This bookcase has felt like a major finishing touch to Allegra’s room and honestly, I can’t rave about it enough!

Having always loved books and been absolutely captivated by stories, Allegra has amassed quite a collection of storybooks at the tender age of almost 2.5 years and stories at bedtime are a (often long-drawn-out!) essential component of her going-to-bed routine. This ingeniously designed, space-saving bookcase, which can house up to 85 (YES, 85!!) books, has in one easy step, provided the perfect storage and display unit for a large number of her books all in one place.

The bookcase is hand-made from high-quality solid wood sourced from sustainable forests, with a white finish (also comes in blue, natural, and pink, and with or without the letters as a decorative touch) and fixes safely to the wall with a space for all skirting board sizes.  It is self-assembly and because I’m a bit of a twit when it comes to these things, I left it for Richmond Daddy to tackle, and he said it was easy-enough to put together and it didn’t take him very long (even with Allegra “helping”).

I love the fact that the book covers face outwards, which means she can browse her books easily and pick out the ones she wants to read.  IMG_4060It’s just so lovely to see her gazing at the bookcase and pondering her next choice, and honestly since we’ve had it, she spends so much time in her room happily flicking through her books and chattering away to herself and her dolls and teddies about this book and that book as she “reads” stories.  It is adorable.

I think – if this is indeed possible?! – that the bookcase has encouraged her into books even more than she already was (and trust me, she was MAJORLY into books even before the arrival of the bookcase).  She just loves being able to have that independence of easily being able to choose what books she wants to read or have read to her and she also enjoys tidying them back into the bookcase when we’ve finished with them.  She can also reach the top shelf from her cot, so I found that some mornings when she’s woken up, she’s just reached for a book and then happily spent time flicking through it until she’s ready to let us know she’s awake.  Amazing!

Tonight when we were reading stories, we actually took some time out to look at the letters of the alphabet that decorate the bookcase and I was asking her to identify certain letters. She got quite a few right (*proud mum moment*) and I can see that this will be really useful in helping her continue to learn her letters and help her to recognise them, perhaps we’ll do a little practice on that each day by the bookcase.

Can you tell, I blinkin’ LOVE this bookcase!


I’m also rather in love with the Room to Grow website itself altogether!  Well, I am a sucker for anything homey/interiors-y these days, so it’s no surprise that its collections of children’s furniture and beds/bedroom accessories floats my boat.  As well as their own brand, they stock some fantastic brands such as Stompa, Thuka, Parisot, Gami and Julian Bowen to name a few, and aim to deliver on function and practicality (particularly on space-saving solutions) as well as fun and fabulous design credentials.  I think they succeed.

Disclosure:  We were sent the Tidy Books Open Facing Bookcase by Room to Grow to review for the purposes of this blog-post, the bookcase is an example of the fantastic and high quality furniture they stock on the site.  All opinions are honest and our own.  Thank you Room to Grow for making a toddler (and her mummy!) very happy with your gift 🙂

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