My girl Allegra is a big fan of cake.  CAKE.  She loves it.  Would eat it for breakfast, lunch, and tea if I’d let her.  Which of course I don’t.  For the record.


Today we went to a Family Fun Day & Cake Bake Competition.  We lured Allegra there with the promise of cake.  A promise she did not let us renege on.  Oh no.


So we bought her a modest, child-sized cupcake, with a heart on top.  She chose it.  She then devoured it.  It was by her account, deeeee-licious.


Then she made a new friend and ran around a playing field for a long time.  And the new friend’s mummy offered her another cupcake.  Rather larger than the first she’d had.  As long as it was okay with me, she could have it.  I could hardly say no could I?!


So that’s two cakes she’s had today.


You could say it’s been a good day.


Possibly one of the best days of her life.


For that is the power of cake.

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