Claudia at 28 weeks


28 weeks old and our weaning journey continues… I started out planning a mixture of baby-led and traditional puréeing, and that’s sort of how it’s going, but there’s probably not as much baby-led going on as I’d like.  It all feels a bit haphazard on the feeding front at the moment, I need to get in the zone a bit more and plan ahead a bit more so I have more options to give you baby Claudia, otherwise this whole process might move slower than it should!

Truth is, you don’t seem wildly interested in food at the moment and most things I present to you on a spoon you don’t exactly open up your mouth to, preferring to just dart your tongue in and out and taste instead!  But there’s been the odd occasion where you’ve grabbed the spoon and I think you definitely prefer to feed yourself.

This week you’ve continued to love toast and butter and bananas, but have seemed less enamoured by sweet potato and slightly indifferent to apple.  Hmmm… in some ways I’m not convinced you’re really ready to move on to solids, but I guess we’ll just keep on offering things and see what happens.

Finally got around to having you weighed again this week and you were 18.2lbs – so still tracking nicely in the 75th percentile.  I really can’t believe how big you are getting!  This week you’ve also proved that you are able to sit up all by yourself, amazing! Yes, of course you still have the wobbles and tumbles and you’ve face-planted the rug/bed/grass a few times! But, you’re doing great at getting stronger and sitting up like big girl.

Your teeth have been troubling you again this week.  Red cheeks and dribbles have been a feature.  And I don’t know if it’s been the introduction of solids or… but you’ve not been a happy bunny in the tummy/bottom department this week either 😦 it seems you’ve been a bit “blocked up” poor you and I’ve felt terrible for you when you’ve suddenly cried out in pain and then really sobbed… so I’ve been trying to help with some tummy massages.

Chattering has also been a feature of the week and you love people talking to you and give them the biggest smiles as a thank-you! You’re also trying to chatter more yourself and I am of course encouraging this by saying “mamamamamamama” to you a lot in the hope…!

You won the hearts of a couple in Pret this week when we stopped for lunch and after your milk you were looking over my shoulder at them and they couldn’t resist talking to you and telling me what a happy baby you seemed.  You really are such a content little thing, we are so lucky to have you!

You’re still sleeping in your own room, I’m finding it a bit difficult not having you next to me in your little crib, but I know you are so content and comfy in there that it must be nice for you to sleep in a proper cot.  I just worry about you a little because now you’re rolling so much there have been the odd times where you’ve rolled onto your tummy at night and then cried out for me because you can’t roll back.  For the most part though, you stay on your back, or sometimes you sleep on your side, snuggled with your favourite bunny, and peacefully sleep from around 7.30pm ish until some time around 6am.  Again, we are very lucky!

6 thoughts on “Claudia at 28 weeks

  1. Oh my word she is looking adorable! She looks very happy munching on her spoon! Enjoy and don’t get worried about the quantities just now. Wishing you lots of fun. P.S. I did puree with my first and ‘proper food’ with my second and third and I can definitely say the real food route was the best. Some of it may get explored and dropped but it’s far easier to clean up a whole broccoli floret than a a pureed one 🙂 !!
    Best wishes and lots of fun,
    Sara at Babycup

  2. Hi again – Doh! You’ve done it all before so ignore my comment about not getting worried as you’re probably tickety boo!!! What a good sleeper she is. And what a smile. Those people in Pret were spot on 🙂

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