{The Ordinary Moments} #1

My lovely bloggy friend Katie over at Mummy Daddy & Me has started a new weekly linky dedicated to capturing simple ordinary life with a photo from your week.  It’s all about celebrating and remembering the little things in our lives, the ordinary moments, which I think is such a lovely idea, so week one – here’s mine:
I took this photo of Allegra on the swings at Hounslow Urban Farm a couple of days ago.  It was a last minute decision to jump in the car and go there, so we were only there a few hours before closing time, but it was enough to see a few animals and have fun in the playground.  And of course, spend time on the swings!
When Allegra was quite little, I used to try and get her to go on the swings at the playground at the end of our road and she hated them! She never ever wanted to go on the swings, but in the last 3 months in particular she has developed a love for the swings that is bordering on an obsession!
“Higher and higher mummy” she says, “I want to go reeeeeally high this time mummy” and she giggles with glee, a smile stretching from ear to ear as the mixture of excitement and a bit of fear mingles together and thrills her to bits.  She laughs, she giggles, she shouts “weeeeeee”, she love love loves the swings these days, she’s absolutely mad for them!
At Hounslow Urban Farm there are cows and sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, alpacas, bunnies and guinea pigs and chinchillas and five types of pigs… and more! But for Allegra, the biggest attraction was the playground and the opportunity to go on the swings (I could have taken her to the end of the road to go on the swings rather than driven 20 minutes out to Hounslow and paid £11, but hey ho, you live and learn!).
The sight of her little face, as she swings happily through the air, aged 2 years and almost a half, is an everyday ordinary moment I don’t ever want to forget.
mummy daddy me

6 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments} #1

  1. Mads used to love the swings and has actually gone the other way and doesn’t like going on them as much at the moment- she is slide obsessed.
    This is a perfect ordinary moment and I know the simple pleasures of taking my girls to the park is something I will miss the most when they are older. I love Mads innocence and her pure delight at something so simple and free. Thanks for joining in lovely lady. X

  2. Such a sweet moment. My little guy is totally obsessed with the swings too and likes to go stupidly high. It’s lovely to capture these simple pleasures. x

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