Claudia at 29 weeks

29wksWeek 29, this has been the week of… SITTING UP! Yes! Baby Claudia can now sit up unaided, yes of course she has the wobbles and occasionally face-plants the floor/bed/someone’s knee, but she’s doing amazingly at sitting up by herself and it’s really helping her get more involved in starting to play with her big sister and get more interactive generally.

We had a really special moment earlier in the week when we were in Allegra’s bedroom, still in pyjamas, and Claudia was sitting up surrounded by cushions and Allegra was sitting next to her and I was reading Little Red Riding Hood to them both.  Claudia was giggling her head off and laughing (not sure I’ve ever found the tale of a young girl who is terrorised by a wolf dressed in her grandmas nightie to be all that side-splitting, but maybe it was just the way I was telling it…?!).

Allegra was laughing at Claudia laughing, and I looked and the two of them and it put the biggest smile on my face.  It was the cutest thing, but also it gave me a glimpse into the future of how lovely it’s going to be when they can properly be playmates for each other.  Adorable.  It might also allow me some alone time for blogging/putting my feet up/drinking shots in a dark room doing laundry, tidying up, cooking dinner etc. etc.  Can’t wait!

Image 2

Books have been a big discovery of Claudia’s this week.  She is loving looking at books and pressing buttons to make sounds in the books, she’s been “reading” a Peter Rabbit book this week with me and is really fascinated by it!  Too cute!

Weaning continues… It seems Claudia’s preference is for “real food” rather than pureed or mashed food.  I’ve offered her both across the week and it’s always more of a struggle when it’s the latter.  I think she just prefers to feed herself too, so whenever I offer her food on spoon she just darts her tongue in and out but doesn’t really let the spoon in, whereas when she has food in her hand she really goes for it, gumming and chomping away.

Favourite foods at the moment are buttered toast, bananas, and she tried and seemed to like avocado this week.  She’s also quite a fan of yoghurt.  Oh but her big discovery of the week was… ice cream!  I took Allegra for an ice cream one late afternoon after pre-school and as I ate mine, Claudia sat on my lap, and before I knew it…. GRAB! She’d grabbed the cone and rammed it into her mouth and then proceeded to devour it! She was clutching that cone with an iron-grip, there was no taking it away from her!  I realise it’s probably not one of the best first foods, but hey, I figured it wasn’t going to do her too much harm, so I just let her enjoy it.  And boy did she!

Image 1

Still no toothy-pegs have arrived, but Claudia is continuing to chew on whatever she can and shove everything in her mouth.  She is now rather adept at chomping and sucking on her own toes too, which is quite impressive!

Sleeping wise, she’s still doing great on sleeping from around 7.30pm onwards.  She usually stirs around 5.30/6am ish but usually if I’m lucky, just giving her back her dummy and her snuggly bunny and then leaving her in her cot in her dark room, she’ll go back to sleep for a bit longer.  I’m struggling having her in her own room as I worry about her, particularly now she likes rolling around so much, but I think she’s happy in there and the cot is better for her to sleep in than the beside the bed crib.  Sleeping position wise, she’s now firmly in the sleeping on her side camp, which looks very cute.


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