Review: FitFlop SUPERTONE M Sneaker

FF1028Richmond Daddy has been putting these rather striking-looking trainers to the test this summer: the SUPERTONE™ M Canvas Sneaker in Blue Ray from FitFlop™.  FF’s bestselling men’s shoe, is described as having “clean, modern, 1970s style lines, with a simple structure and a padded back collar”.  They also have FitFlop’s built-in foot pressure-diffusing, ergonomically engineered Microwobbleboard™ midsole*, making the shoes ultra-comfortable.


He is wearing the trainers in this pic, granted that’s not entirely obvious, but it’s a nice photo all the same!

Since these FF trainers joined Richmond Daddy’s shoe collection, they have: been on holiday with us to France, which included copious amounts of driving; endured days out a theme parks; been put to the test running around after an active toddler in a variety of playgrounds and parks; and even had the odd trip to the beach.  So, how have they fared? – I asked Richmond Daddy to provide us with the low-down:

Fit & Comfort

Me: “So how do your FF trainers feel? How would you describe them?”
RD: “Comfy…”
Me: “Err can you elaborate?!”
RD: “Ummm they’re very comfy… good for walking in and driving in… and breatheable, yes my feet feel like they can breathe in them” (I may or may not – definitely did – prompt the last part of that response!)
Me: “So how do they compare to other trainers you have? If you know you’re going to be out for a long day walking around lots, would you opt for these FF trainers or pick another pair out of the wardrobe?”
RD: “No, I’d pick these ones, that’s why I’m wearing them today…” (he is in fact wearing them today…)
Me: “So do they feel comfy and loose like a pair of flip-flops or tight and restrictive like a pair of boots…?”
RD: “Errr no, they feel like a pair of trainers…” (fair enough…)

Style & Look

Me: “What do you think of the style and look?”
RD: “I think they look good.  I like them.  I’ve been able to wear them with shorts and with jeans, so they’re pretty versatile, which is good.  I like the colour of them too, very summery.”
Me: “They have a much chunkier sole than other trainers you own, has that bothered you at all in terms of how they look or even how they feel?”
RD: “No, nope. It makes them feel a bit heavier to wear, but it doesn’t bother me, they’re still comfortable and it doesn’t bother me in terms of how they look. I like them.”


Overall Opinion

Me: “So, overall opinion: would you recommend them to a friend?”
RD: “Yes.”
Me: “They retail at £75, would you pay that for them?”
RD: “Hmmm well, I’m a bit tight, so… they’re quite expensive but then, they are comfy and I do like them, so…”
Me: “In terms of comfort, fit, style, look, and overall wearability, what mark would you give them out of 10?”
RD: “I’d give them an 8!”
RD… elaborating: “I liked the fact I could take them on holiday and I really only needed one pair of shoes, because they’re comfy and very versatile.  Very good.”

So there you have it, the official verdict from Richmond Daddy.

And if you like the sound of these trainers, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re actually currently in the sale at £40 and with free delivery.  Hop over here to check ’em out and purchase.

Disclosure:  We were given these shoes free for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are Richmond Daddy’s own and are honest.

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