Review: Things You Never Knew About Dinosaurs (Parragon Books)


“Things You Never Knew About Dinosaurs”, by Giles Paley-Phillips, illustrated by Liz Pichon, is described as “a delicious, dinosaur romp, full of surprises!” – we were kindly given a copy at BritMums Live back in June and it has become a firm favourite on the bedtime story shortlist ever since.

The story is fun and the way it rhymes throughout gives it a jolly, bouncy, feel and Allegra really enjoys that, plus she always finds it funny when we get to the page about how the dinosaurs hate having to wait for the toilet (in public loos!) and she says “ha ha mummy, he needs to do a poo!” and points at the dinosaur who’s standing with his legs crossed looking rather pained!


She also loves the bit about the dinosaurs who like to do the Highland Fling…


What we both love about this book, aside from the fun/rhyming story-line, are the beautiful and detailed illustrations, which are really bright and colourful.  Some of the pages, particularly in the early part of the book, are so detailed, there’s just so much for Allegra to look at and spot and she loves to identify all the little things she can spot on the pages.  It’s almost like every time we read it, she finds new things on the page she hadn’t noticed before.

Allegra is 2.5 years and she really enjoys this book, but I think it would probably suit both younger and older kids alike, so I’d say children aged 1-4 years would no doubt get a lot of pleasure out of this book.

Things You Never Knew About Dinosaurs is published by Parragon and retails at £5.99. Author Giles Paley-Phillips is doing a number of Things You Never Knew About Dinosaurs book events, pop along if one is close to where you live:

14th September Waterstones Brighton, 11am-1pm
22th September Family Day, Plumpton Racecourse 11am-3pm
24th September Under the Greenwood Tree, Clapham 6-9pm
26th September Nyewood Project, Bognor 2.00pm
30th October Under the Greenwood Tree, Clapham 11am
9th November Discover Story Centre, Stratford 2pm

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