Claudia at 30 weeks

30wksWeek 30 and you’ve hit the 7-months milestone, time is fly fly flying by, it’s scary!  At the weekend, you came with us to a wedding and amazed everyone at your staying power – apart from a short 1/2 hr nap before lunch, you stayed awake for pretty much the whole thing, including much of the evening disco – even enjoying a little boogie with mummy in your PJs before we decided it was time to go back to the hotel and to the warmth and quiet of our beds.  Well done you and you looked so cute in your party dress, which matched your big sister’s.

Bank Holiday Monday we took a trip to the seaside and spent most of the day at the beach at West Wittering.  Unfortunately mummy was suffering from a killer headache and that didn’t make for the best day out, but you still got into the swing of things rolling around in your shady tent on the sand and snoozing in the afternoon while Allegra and daddy paddled in the sea and got messy in the sand.  You even had your own little swimsuit on but we decided it was probably a little too cool in the water for you to have a splash this time.

On Tuesday you spent the afternoon with Nonna, as it was mummy’s birthday and I was taken out for a posh afternoon tea by daddy.  Apparently you didn’t really sleep at all, so required a fair bit of entertaining, but you were a very good girl by all accounts.  Then on Wednesday, we went to visit Granny & Grandad and you enjoyed some time in the garden and we had an impromptu photo-shoot in Granny & Grandad’s friend’s garden, where you gave chomping on apples a good go!

Weaning is picking up pace a bit I think.  You still seem to have a preference for “proper food” over purées, but when I do offer you puréed food you are giving it a bit more of a go now by opening your mouth for the spoon instead of just darting your tongue in and out!  This past week you’ve tried butternut squash, and sweet potato combined with apple, you’ve become a big fan of yoghurt, and of course bananas and toast are still firm favourites.  I’ve also been trying you on avocado and you are growing to like that too it seems.  What I’ve been impressed with is your willingness to try pretty much anything and everything we offer to you, so you’ve already given quite a few different foods a go.

Sleep wise you are still a little star at night, you usually go down sometime between 6.30-7.30pm and then more often that not we don’t really hear a peep out of you until around 5am ish, when you might stir but can be settled with a dummy and you’ll snooze then until around 6-7am ish.  You’re not much of a day time sleeper, you will nap in the day but the times you do are a bit hit and miss and you tend to have fairly short naps.  Although pretty much like clockwork you’ll always be ready for a nap around 1.5-2hrs after waking up in the morning and on a good day you might then sleep for 2 hours then, on a bad day maybe only 1/2 hour (which is tricky for me in terms of getting anything done!).

You seem to love sleeping on your side, it’s definitely establishing itself as the preferred sleeping position, and while you do look so comfy it does worry me a bit as sometimes you inevitably roll from your side onto your front.  I would prefer you to just be staying on your back!

You’re sitting up really confidently now and while of course you still have the wobbles and tumble, you can sit up without falling for quite a long spell.  This has been great in terms of encouraging you to play and explore toys and I’ve been trying to give you lots of opportunities to sit on the floor, surrounding by different toys and textures and let you discover them, which you’ve really been enjoying.  You’ve also enjoying listening to music this week and “dancing” with mummy in the living room, which makes you giggle and laugh (the cutest sound ever!).

Bath-time is your other absolute favourite activity!  You adore splashing about in the water, splashing with your hands and kicking with your legs, making as much water fly about the place as possible!  You also love to sit up or lie on your front in the bath, I think this gives you maximum splashing potential, and you really go for it! You’re such a water baby, we’ll have to get you signed up for swimming classes before long!

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