Review: Goodnight Little One (Parragon Books)

IMG_4282There are few things Allegra likes more than lots of stories at bedtime, and I mean LOTS!  Truth be told, she likes lots of stories at any time, but stories at bedtime have become a firm part of her routine.

“Goodnight Little One” is a beautifully illustrated storybook by best-selling author Margaret Wise Brown and is a perfect bedtime story, thanks to its calming rhyme and gentle pace, not to mention it’s stunning pictures, which Allegra finds particularly lovely to look at as we read the book together.

We got this book back in June when I was kindly given a copy at BritMums Live, to review, and we’ve been reading it on and off ever since.  Although Allegra enjoys it, I must admit that it isn’t a book she regularly asks for and I think that might just be because it is a very simple tale and she tends to like more involved “stories” (I think that may also be because they are a way of spinning out bedtime!) and this book almost seems a bit too young for her, even though she is only 2.5 years old.

Having said that, when we do read it, I do notice a visible change in her mood and it can really help calm her and quiet her in the run-up to going to bed, which is obviously a marvellous thing!  As I read it to her, she likes to repeat the last line on each page “goodnight little one” and then quite often she’ll stroke the picture of the animal on each page as we go through and she’ll say “goodnight little one, aaaaahhhhh” and her voice will get hushed as if she’s really thinking about putting the animals to bed one by one.  Very sweet.

Unfortunately this hasn’t then translated to her being sufficiently snoozy and calmed to then be willing to go to bed herself, but this can’t be blamed on the book, she is just a little girl who never wants to go to bed no matter how many and what type of stories she has read to her!


But there is something undoubtedly charming about this book and I think Allegra will continue to enjoy it for many bedtimes to come, I also think it’ll be a nice one to read to both Allegra and Claudia when they get to the stage where they’re having bedtime stories together.

“Goodnight Little One” is published by Parragon and retails at £6.00.

2 thoughts on “Review: Goodnight Little One (Parragon Books)

  1. Reading with Mads is something that is such an ordinary moment, yet one that I treasure so much. I was such a book worm when I was younger and I love that she is taking after me too. x

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