{The Ordinary Moments} #3


We’re not big on messy play in our house.  I read about messy play on other blogs and think, ooooh, I must do that, I must let Allegra get stuck in and get messy with paint and mud and goo and play-doh and glitter and rice and all sorts of other things that I read about.  But then I come out in hives just thinking about it and I put it off again for another day and in the back of my mind I think, “ah well, she can do all of that stuff at pre-school…”.

But on Sunday, I embraced mess.

We put a table out in the garden.  Allegra started out in a t-shirt and shorts but we quickly decided it would be best to switch her into her swimming costume, and she got messy making pretend cakes with a variety of ingredients.

I gave her play-doh (home made, get me!) and cake sprinkles.  Candles and “happy birthday” cake toppers.  Cupcake cases and a bowl filled with flour, a jug of water, a big mixing bowl, a little bowl of rice, and a little bowl of coffee granules (the latter was probably a mistake, but you live and learn!).

I even made pretend eggs for her by filling plastic eggs left over from our Easter Egg hunt earlier in the year with flour and yellow icing swirled inside for the yolk.

Allegra had great fun putting the flour and water into the bowl and mixing it all up, then cracking the “eggs” into the bowl, she then decided she wanted to put the play-doh into the bowl – which is when things got really messy and gooey! – and then the other bits and bobs went in and there was a lot of mixing, and squelching, and squealing, and slopping it about all over the place!

Then she spooned her creation into a cupcake case, stuck a candle on top and sang “happy birthday to mummmmmmmy” – I stopped short of eating it, despite her insisting!

We then evolved the mixing bowl of ingredients from “cake mix” into more of a big muddy puddle and got some little rubbery bath toys out to “swim” and play in the puddle.


She took a bit of encouraging to really get into it, but she enjoyed playing with her messy play cake/puddle table for a good half-an-hour or so, which made it a success in my eyes and then she came indoors for a bit of quiet time in-front of a movie, and fell asleep on the sofa about twenty-minutes into the film!

An ordinary moment, a messy moment, seeing her concentrating with her little tongue stuck out, getting her imagination working and encouraging her to play in a different way.  She definitely had fun and I must make a pledge to have more messy play in our ordinary lives, especially while the sun is still shining.

I’m linking this up to Mummy, Daddy, Me’s weekly (The Ordinary Moments) linky, pop along here to check out the other entries for this week.

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5 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments} #3

  1. I think we really need to do this with Mads as she would love it, I am not very good at messy play or arts and crafts. In fact I think you may have just inspired me. I used to love making ‘mud pies’ out of all the random ingredients in my Grandma’s kitchen. x

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