Creeping & Crawling

Claudia has been rolling over for a little while now and really enjoys being on her tummy, the only downside to this being that if she’s on her stomach for a little while she can have a tendancy to bring up her milk/lunch! But anyway, puking aside, it’s been a good thing that she’s enjoying tummy time and is getting really strong at pushing herself up with her hands and holding her head up really well.  Bravo Claudia.

Since discovering the joy of rolling, Claudia has been so desperate to get on the move, she’s really really been trying to crawl.  Not yet mastered it (for this I am quite grateful, I think it’ll be game-over once she’s on the move!), but every day she gives it her all!  Always trying to reach for that toy just out of grasp or to no doubt follow her big sister out of the room!

So I’m really interested to try her out in one of the new playsuits from Creepers Crawlers, a company founded by mum and entrepreneur Ollwyn Moran, who came up with the idea for the clothing that offered less slip and more grip, when she saw the difficulty her own two boys had in trying to learn how to crawl on her wooden floors.  She saw an opening in the market and the company was born!


Crawling is believed to be essential for a child’s development, as it promotes a healthy body and brain connections, and while I jest that life is going to become a lot tougher for me once baby Claudia figures out the crawling lark and has me running all over the place trying to keep hold of her and keep her out of danger, I am keen for her to crack it as I can see how frustrated she gets when she’s stuck in one place and can’t quite work out how to get from A to B.  Although she’s a dab-hand at rotating 360 degrees, which sometimes means that somehow she ends up under the sofa!

Creepers Crawlers playsuits have been developed and tested with a focus group of parents and babies and they use the best and most non-intrusive grip possible.  They’re made from 100 per cent cotton and in tests, have shown that babies using them have crawled more happily and more successfully.  So, we’re giving the suit a go!

I’ll just have to ask you to patient in awaiting the results of our trial though, as the playsuit is currently a bit big for my little baby Claudia, so as soon as she’s grown into it, we’ll be putting it through it’s paces!  So, watch this space…

For more information on Creepers Crawlers playsuits, click here.

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