Mornings are usually pretty full-on in the Richmond house.  Richmond Daddy getting ready for work, me dragging myself out of bed not quite believing that it can be morning time already, getting baby Claudia up and fed, reporting in for mummy duty to Allegra who’ll call for me and then start with the morning requests of milk and Peppa, yoghurt and loops while I try to persuade her to sit on the potty before we start any of that breakfast shenanigans.

So when there’s a moment of calm (a rare moment of calm!) and something like this happens, it puts a smile on my face and makes me take a moment to appreciate just how lucky I am to have these two little beauties in my life.  These two sisters are growing up fast and growing closer every day, and I couldn’t love them more.  Can’t wait for all the mornings to come, just would like to put in a request for the odd lie in… please!

Monday morning 2/09/13

Monday morning 2/09/13


Hope you’re having a good morning xoxo

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