Review: Fisher-Price Sparkling Symphony Mobile

Y3635-sparkling-symphony-mobile-d-1Baby Claudia has been treated to another gift from our friends over at Fisher-Price, lucky thing! After being sent the Woodsy Friends Comfy Time Bouncer to review she has now been putting the Sparkling Symphony Mobile to the test and here’s the verdict…

Since Claudia moved into her own room, I’ve been gradually tweaking it and adding things to it to make it more her own and not just “Allegra’s old room” and so the new mobile was a welcome addition, especially now she’s sleeping in her big girl cot in her own room every night (I miss her!!).


The mobile has four different musical modes, you can have music only – and there are a variety of different lullabies, classical music pieces, and “nature sounds”, which if you close your eyes you could imagine being on holiday with the crickets sounding in the background!  Or, you can switch it to music and lights, or music and motion, or go for the whole shebang and have music, lights, AND motion!

Image 1

We initially tried out the whole music, lights, motion combo and Claudia was fascinated!  She was gazing up at the projection of stars and moons, as the rotating part of the mobile had little bears “dancing” overhead, the ceiling and the walls were decorated with the enchanting images and she was genuinely intrigued.  But, having used the mobile for a number of weeks, I found that this setting wasn’t necessarily the best one to encourage her to sleep.

Image 3

When she’s really tired and struggling to get herself off to the land of nod, I’ve found that the nature sounds setting, on low, with no lights and no motion has been the best option.  The sound of the gently chirping crickets seems to soothe her and help send her off to sleep.  It’s not failsafe, sometimes only mummy’s cuddles and rocking will do the trick, particularly if she’s OVER-tired, but more often than not, it helps and seems to work.  I like the fact also that the music/nature sounds will go on for around 30-minutes, so unlike with other mobiles, you don’t have to keep on going back into the room to wind it up (this mobile takes 4 AA batteries by the way).

There have been times when she’s happily fallen to sleep listening to the gentle lullabies and they are genuinely soothing and calming I think, but it depends at what point of tiredness she’s at when I put her in her cot as to whether or not she’ll respond well to the music.  Sometimes, although it does sound very soothing and there are two volume settings, so you can have it down low, I think it’s maybe just a bit too stimulating and generally she prefers it to be pretty quiet when she’s trying to go to sleep.


Allegra has also become quite fixated with the mobile and she likes to “help” mummy get Claudia to sleep by pressing the buttons and “putting on Claudia’s music”.  She has quickly figured out what setting makes what function happen, so rest assured it is simple and easy enough that a toddler can work it out!  And with a toddler prodding and poking at it, it’s been put to the test in terms of robustness and I can confirm that it has stood up well!  The mobile attaches to the side of the cot with a plastic strap and the whole thing is very steady and secure.

One thing I found a bit odd is that it says the mobile is for ages Birth to 5 months.  Claudia is now 7 months old and is in no way too old for this mobile, in fact I would say she’ll probably happily enjoy it well up to her 1st birthday.  We might just need to take it down sooner if she figures out a way to grab at it and attempts to yank it off the side of the cot (which would take some strength, but having been hit in the eye by her armed with a maraca earlier this week, I can confirm the girl’s got some welly!).

So, overall verdict, the Fisher-Price Sparkling Symphony Mobile is a hit in the Richmond household and baby Claudia (and toddler Allegra!) both give it a big thumbs up!  It’s been a very welcome addition to the nursery and I’d happily recommend this mobile to anyone, it would also make for a lovely new baby gift.

Disclosure:  we were sent the Sparkling Symphony Mobile by Fisher-Price for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are honest and our own.

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