{The Ordinary Moments} #4



Apologies for the rubbish photo, taken on my iPhone in the dark of Allegra’s bedroom this week, but I just had to use it for my {The Ordinary Moments} entry this week.  Here we have Allegra, asleep on top of the duvet in her cot, with a selection of her (current!) favourite dollies and toys lined up in prime position resting on the pillow, neatly tucked in under the covers.

A little while after she’d (reluctantly as always!) gone to bed, I went up to check on her and this was the sight I was greeted with, it was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.  When I’d put her to bed, she was under the covers with the dolls and toys bunched around her either side of her pillow.  Obviously after I’d gone, she decided that she had some re-arranging to do and that it was more important that her “friends” were comfy and cosy in the cot than she.

I didn’t have the heart to move her or them, so instead I just got a big fluffy towel and put it over her to keep her warm and cosy and left her as she and they were.

She adores her Little Us dolls and added to those right now as flavour-of-the-month toys that make it into her bed at night are her ballerina bunny and her Angelina Ballerina mouse.  I just love the way she cares for her dolls and toys as if they are “real” and she calls them her “friends”, it is so adorable.

My sweet, caring, big-hearted little girl.  Sweet dreams little boo.


I’m joining up with Mummy, Daddy, & Me’s weekly {The Ordinary Moments} linky.  To read other entries for this week, pop over to Katie’s blog and have a browse on those who’ve also joined up.

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7 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments} #4

  1. So cute! I’ve taken a pic like this, this week too… Sebastian has some boxes at the end of his cot that he picks a teddy/toy to take to bed with him. one night this week when i went to check he had managed to somehow get them all into his cot… there wasnt much room left for him bless him!

  2. This is GORGEOUS! I love sleeping babies they never fail to make me smile. And I love how she has lined up all her dolls because Mads does the exact same thing. She also puts random little things under her pillow too. At the moment she is napping and there is a ear plug, a penny and a kinder egg toy under her bed. x

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