We went on a bear hunt…

IMG_4430On Friday, I took a trip up to the big smoke with my mum (aka Nonna), Allegra and baby Claudia, to visit the Lyric Theatre and see Bear Hunt Live, the on stage production of the very popular children’s story by Michael Rosen.

We were very kindly offered tickets to the stage-show as a “congratulations” gift from LittleBird – the website that offers handpicked deals for families – to give me a pat on the back for being a nominee in the West London Mum Awards.  Lucky me eh?!

So off we went.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as having read a few reviews online, there were quite a few grumbly ones about the quality of the production, but I went with an open mind and thought I would judge for myself once I’d seen the show.


And that’s OFFICIAL!

Allegra was entranced and hasn’t stopped talking about it and singing the songs for 6 days solid.  Claudia was absolutely mesmerised through the whole 55 minute performance, she was even laughing during the singing and dancing (this baby is 7 months old!!).  The girls had the time of their lives!


Mum and I had a brilliant time just watching them have a brilliant time, it was just so adorable.  I would have loved to have been able to share photos of the production and/or the girls’ faces watching all the action unfolding, but we weren’t able to take pics during the show unfortunately (but understandably).


The actors were full of enthusiasm.  The music and songs were brilliant fun, super catchy, and we loved them so much we bought the CD straight after (and the book!) and have listed to it every day since (sometimes twice a day!) and Allegra has been singing and humming the tunes as she goes about her play/business daily.  Adorable!

From wading through the swishy swashy grass to the splishy splashy river, to getting stuck in to the thick oozy, squelchy mud, the whole performance fired up all our imaginations and had us laughing and smiling and singing and waving throughout.

The show is recommended for children aged 3 years and over.  Allegra is (a quite mature 2.5 year old) and Claudia is 7 months.  Have I said already how much they loved it? – THEY LOVED IT!!

We left the theatre with the biggest smiles on our faces, humming the tunes, and even the drizzly dreary rainy day couldn’t dampen our spirits.  So it was over the road to The Rainforest Cafe, where we had a spot of lunch and a good girly chat and giggle.

IMG_4433 IMG_4432

Quality time with Nonna, mummy (that’s me!), and my two gorgeous girls.

What a happy day!


Thank-you so very much LittleBird and thank you West London Mum!

8 thoughts on “We went on a bear hunt…

  1. Aww fantastic!! We would love to see it but as it’s on only in London at the moment it’s too far to travel!!
    Looks like you all had a great time x

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