Claudia at 31 weeks

31wksI’m hugely behind in my Baby Diaries, but am attempting to claw my way back to getting up-to-date because being able to maintain a weekly record of baby Claudia’s first year, is a wonderful thing to look back on and see how she has grown and changed week on week.  So, forgive me as I hop back a few weeks to the 30th August and record Claudia’s 31st week…

The big news of the week: Claudia’s first tooth has made an appearance!! I only wish I could provide photographic evidence, but it has been impossible to take a snap of the tiny little white tip of a toothy-peg that is peeping through right front and centre of her bottom gum.  She had been struggling so much with teething these last few weeks/months, with lots of red cheeks and dribbling and general grouchiness, but to date there’d be no sign of any teeth.  But now, there it is, a first little tooth peeping through!

We’re continuing to plug away with weaning and it’s a bit up and down.  Mainly Claudia likes to feed herself and we’ve been trying the baby-led approach, but I struggle with wondering how much she’s actually eaten and the mess of course does drive me slightly around the bend! (am trying hard to be less freakish about mess!).  So then sometimes we do puree food too and sometimes she goes for it and sometimes she doesn’t.  Weaning doesn’t feel like it has been as straight-forward as it was with Allegra, but maybe that’s just because I had more time to think and plan for it and sit with her for however long it would take for her to chomp her lunch.  Anyway, we persevere and I’m sure we’ll get there!

Aside from teething and weaning, we’ve been up to quite a lot this week.  Monday saw us Gruffalo hunting and on Tuesday we visited the UGG Australia store in Richmond for a preview of the new Autumn collection (a post on that coming soon!).  On Wednesday we spent time with Granny & Grandad and on Thursday we had a lazy day at home, then Aunty Chrissy visited but didn’t get a cuddle with baby Claudia as she was already tucked up in bed when she got there after work.

… and in between all that goings-on, Claudia has been putting in the hours trying to crack crawling – still not quite cracked it, but she’s doing a great job of moving herself about the room somehow none-the-less with a shuffle and a roll combination! – and also getting to grips with her fabulous new Fisher-Price Discover ‘n’ Grow Jumperoo (review on that coming soon!):  man alive she LOVES that jumperoo, she goes crazy in it!



One thought on “Claudia at 31 weeks

  1. Broccoli was a hardcore fave food for the first 2 mohnts of BiP’s BLW journey! She shunned it for a couple of mohnts and now has a more normal relationship with it! It’s funny how many babies LOVE it in the beginning I have friends who tell me the broccoli obsession is short-lived so steam away, grab that camera and enjoy it whilst it lasts

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