{The Ordinary Moments} #5

I have been linking up with the lovely Mummy, Daddy, & Me’s weekly {The Ordinary Moments} meme and it’s week five already, so here’s my Ordinary Moment captured for the week:




So here is baby Claudia, disappearing backwards under the sofa!  She has been desperately trying to crack the crawling thing for a little while now and the other day, she was in the living room playing with her toys and before long she was on her tummy wriggling about and turning herself around in a circle like she does to move about.

I popped into the kitchen to get something and when I came back into the living room there was no sign of her! I panicked for a split-second before realising that there she was “moonwalking” rapidly under the sofa, giggling her head off!  Hilarious!

Before I pulled her out and put her back into the middle of the room, I snapped this pic on my iPhone and she gave me one of her big “happy to see you mamma” smiles just as I clicked to take the photo.  Good little poser!

I know it won’t be long before she’s really and truly on the move, which is scary, but for now I’m enjoying seeing just what she gets up to and where when she has the chance!

Pop on over to Katie’s blog to check-out more entries in this week’s {The Ordinary Moments} linky.


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