Review: Childs Farm Top-to-Toe Cleaning Kit for Kids

IMG_4734Hair washing is not a favoured pastime in the Richmond household. Actually, let me re-phrase that, I am more than happy to wash my hair and baby Claudia is never more content than when immersed in water, Richmond Daddy also seems suitably at ease with washing on a daily basis thankfully, but Richmond Toddler… a bath, yes… a hair wash, “tomorrow mamma”.  Hmmm….

So I was more than happy to review the new Top-to-Toe Cleaning Kit from Child’s Farm, which contains (travel-sized bottles) ‘Groomed to Perfection’ Shampoo “for luscious locks” and ‘Tame that Mane’ Conditioner for “unruly hair”, along with a 100ml bottle of ‘Clean, Calm and Collected’ Bubble bath, all presented in a PVC easy close pouch that is perfect for taking away on your holiday (or chucking into your swim bag).

… and as luck would have it, we were just about to embark on a week’s holiday in Cornwall, so into the Trunki it went and South-West bound we took it to put it to the test.

The bubble bath was used from the get-go and very lovely it was too.  IMG_4732Just the right amount of foam and bubbles and a gorgeous tangerine smell, delicious!  We took a while to build up to using the shampoo and conditioner though as Allegra resisted my pleas to wash her hair for as long as possible! But once I’d persuaded her, she actually enjoyed taking part in putting the products to the test and insisted on having a go at rubbing in the shampoo and giving her head a good scrub!

What I loved about these products is how gentle they seemed.  Allegra has quite sensitive skin and so knowing that Childs Farm products are all formulated with NO parabens or artificial colours and other nasties, and are kind and gentle to all skin types, including those prone to eczema was really important to me.  Best of all, the range is infused with honey and fruity scented organic orange, tangerine, strawberry and peppermint oils, for gorgeous-smelling cleanliness and loveliness!  The shampoo and conditioner are both strawberry and mint infused and smell amazing, in fact all day after washing her hair Allegra was smelling her hair and saying “mmmm strawberries mamma, smell!” – too cute! And her hair did in fact smell of strawberries, it was delicious.


Before the wash…

I think Allegra has the most amazing blonde curly hair and she gets complimented on it all the time, but it can be crazy and unruly (you should see it first thing in the morning, watch out BoJo!), but this really did the trick in taming it and making it look groomed and lovely. It is in fact the first kids range to contain argan oil, which provides hydration and nourishment to the hair and helps smooth out tangles.  I’m a big fan of argan oil myself, it does wonders!

During the wash...

During the wash…

I also think the packaging of Childs Farm products is absolutely lovely, it has a Charlie and Lola-esque feel to it that is really charming, and is drawn by children’s illustrator Emma McCall.  You can find out more about how Childs Farm came to be and all about founder/mum of two Joanna Jensen here.

So, Childs Farm gets the big thumbs up from us, and if you’d like to give it a try for yourself you can shop the range online at or from John Lewis, Ocado, Harrods and in selected gift shops and children’s stores nation wide.  The Top-to-Toe cleaning kit is priced £9.35 for 3x 100ml bottles.

After the wash... Cinderella Princess hair!

After the wash… Cinderella Princess hair!


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