Claudia at 32 weeks

Still playing baby diary catch up, so this is Claudia at 32 weeks (three weeks ago as I write this!):


Here she is enjoying our very first Hartbeeps class together – she loved it!  She was mesmerised by the girl taking the class and giggled along to the songs, enjoyed the lights and the feathers, and especially the puppets (it seems she’s a BIG fan of hand-puppets!) and unlike her big sister, who I used to take to Hartbeeps classes when she was a baby, she was amazingly still wide awake after class and showed no signs of dropping off to sleep!  She has amazing wide-awake staying powers during the daytime this baby!

It was a busy week all-in-all, what with a trip to the theatre to see Bear Hunt Live – which Claudia LOVED – and then Tiny Tunes music/singing class on the Monday, which is great because I can take both girls along to it and they both get to enjoy it and now Claudia is sitting up so well she is really interactive with the class and enjoys shaking maracas and bouncing about on my knee to all the songs!  Then it was Hartbeeps the following day, plus a trip up to London to attend the me&i blogger event (more on that to come), so it’s been a bit non-stop.

But, in amongst all that rushing around, Claudia has found time to grow another tooth! Yes, she now has two toothy-pegs poking through a the bottom front centre, giving her a very cute almost toothy grin 🙂

Weaning continues and we’re still a bit hit and miss but I’m just plugging away at trying her out on different things and sometimes she’s enthusiastic about food and sometimes she’s just not, so we’re trying to just be relaxed about it and carry on regardless.  Actually I think she’s doing pretty well, I think I just feel it’s a lot more haphazard this time around whereas with Allegra I was much more of a meticulous food/diet planner, now I just don’t have the time to think about it too much!

Sleep-wise, Claudia is still great at night thankfully.  She might stir once or twice and as we have the baby monitor on that wakes me, so if I hear her grumble I generally go in to her and even if she’s awake she’s happy just to have her dummy back and her bunny to snuggle and then she’s back to sleep again – very lucky!  But she amazes me at how she can go for such long stretches in the day without a nap, I’m trying to nip that in the bud though!  She’ll always have a morning nap about an hour-and-a-half after getting up but if we’re busy rushing about in the afternoon, she has been known to not sleep post lunch, which can make the day pretty full on!

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