Claudia at 33 weeks

… and STILL on baby diaries catch up, here is my entry for Claudia at 33 weeks (two weeks ago as I write this):



This is a #selfie taken of the two of us at St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall just as we finished crossing the causeway to the island.  It was a beautiful crisp day, the wind was blustery but it was fine, and Claudia was wrapped up well and in the baby-sling cosy against me and enjoying the strong breeze against her cheeks and ruffling her hair.

We spent the week on holiday in Cornwall, some fun family time, and Claudia was a little star throughout.  She took sleeping in a different place in her stride, enjoyed our days out and loved having some quality time to play with her big sister as well as mummy and daddy.  It really felt like we were seeing more and more of her personality come through this week, I guess that’s in no small part due to the fact we could stop and take notice more than we can ordinarily when regular life can sometimes get in the way.

She spent much of the week determined to crack crawling and while she’s not quite there yet, she is really really close and certainly has found a way to move from A to B to get hold of whatever toy it is that she sets her sights on.

Allegra discovered a certain way of blowing raspberries at Claudia that seems to guarantee a laugh every time, so we had some really lovely moments between the two them watching that unfold and Claudia having hysterics at her big sister.  What a beautiful pair they make, I love seeing how their relationship is developing and I count my blessings that they really do genuinely seem to adore each other.

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